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Project Pinterest: Birthday Calendar

Last weekend was all about organization!  I’m finally feeling all caught up from the holidays – it only took me half of January!  Among other organizing projects, I transferred all pertinent information from my 2012 planner to my new planner.  One thing I always struggle with each year is remembering everyone’s birthday before it’s too late to send a card.

Pinterest always has an answer, of course!  I came across this pin and couldn’t get it out of my mind.


Perfectly simple but brilliant – all the year’s birthdays in one place.

Printable Birthday Calendar

Printable Birthday Calendar - The Amateur Librarian

Time: 5 minutes max

Cost: Free!


  • printer


Follow the link and choose from five printable birthday calendars.  I liked this simple one-page printable from Lemon Squeezy.  Print, write in the birth dates you need to remember, and you’re good to go!

Of course, you could laminate or frame your list, but I like keeping it front and center on the fridge.



P.S. Isn’t this postcard so cute??  A gift from my BFF Heather 🙂

The Amateur Librarian

Super duper simple solution to getting those birthday cards out on time – thanks to Pinterest again!

The Amateur Librarian - Printable Birthday Calendar

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