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This past weekend I started working on a new project – improve-piecing wonky letters!  (Completely inspired by Tonya Ricucci’s Word Play Quilts that I finally got into my hands.)

Improv-piecing // The Amateur Librarian

It was fun to learn something new – a little challenging at times, especially because I’m not used to winging it.  Most of quilting is very exact, and not measuring correctly throws everything off.  But “liberated quilting” is the opposite – you figure it out as you go, and make do with what you have.  I’m not exactly a precise kind of person – I usually say “close enough” and start cutting, so it was fun to dive into improv piecing for the first time.

Improv-piecing // The Amateur Librarian

But even though the measurements weren’t specific, figuring out how to get to the end product involved a different kind of problem solving that I haven’t tried before.  There was a lot of pressing involved, so I set up my iron on a TV tray and a few towels right next to my sewing table.




Progress ain’t always pretty, right?  In a small space, my projects tend to spread out pretty quickly.  I have to force myself to clean up at the end of the day, even if I’m still in the middle of a project–or the clutter will drive me crazy!

Improv-piecing // The Amateur Librarian

When EVERYTHING centers around the living room –  the TV, computers, printer, files, craft area, game center, etc…  clutter is no good.  Just a little clutter in one corner starts to make the entire room look disheveled.  The setup is not exactly ideal, and definitely not pretty, but it worked.

Improv-piecing // The Amateur Librarian

Progress! Hopefully I will finish up this new project on the weekend and share next week.  Hint: It’s for the cats!


Improv-piecing // The Amateur Librarian


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