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Lately I’ve had lots of ideas swirling around in my head for new projects that I’m really excited about… but none of them have made it past the list-making stage.  I had big plans to make valentines this week and get them out in the mail, but it didn’t happen.  I know there’s still a couple weeks left, but for some reason I’m just not in the mood to make big batches of valentines this year.  Maybe I’ll have a spurt of inspiration this weekend, or maybe I’ll make something for my co-workers instead of worrying about the packaging/postage/addresses that goes along with mailing them to friends and family…  Or maybe I’ll just enjoy the holiday and not worry about having a craft to go along with it!

Sometimes I put too much unnecessary pressure on myself to do things that other people don’t care about.  I don’t mean that in a nobody-appreciates-me way, just that it’s not as important to other people.  So I’ve decided not to stress about it!  Instead of a Project Pinterest today I’m just taking a deep breath and trying to remember to enjoy the present.

In this moment, I am…

:: relieved the work week is almost over, with all the potential of the weekend ahead

:: anticipating tonight… our tradition of dinner and drinks every Friday (tonight it will probably be our current favorite… I always get the crab cakes and a glass of wine, and Sam always gets the prime rib.  Yum!)

:: delighting in my lists and all sorts of crafty projects I have in mind

:: listening to The Beatles – Sam got new speakers and we’ve been listening to a lot more music lately

:: hearing (unfortunately) the drums (!) and other assorted instruments from our upstairs neighbors (even over our tv/music)

:: sore (but pleasantly) from my new workout routine – it’s amazing how much better I sleep and how much I look forward to the next session.  (Why did I wait so long to start?)

:: planning our travels for the year – it’s nice to have so many weddings, mini vacations, and holidays to fill up our calendar!

:: thinking about some changes I’d like to make… I’ve been pondering my options for a while, but I think I’ll be ready to put my thoughts into action soon

:: feeling optimistic about life… it’s a good mindset to be in!

What’s happening in your moment?

2 thoughts on “In the Moment

  1. My opinion, ENJOY valentines with your husband and don’t worry about anyone else. Have a great dinner tonight (I would get crab cakes too). Make each day worth it, even if you take a day and do nothing to relax, that’s worth it. Stay warm in your heart and in your life. You are an amazing young woman and I love you!

    Your Cuz,



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