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WIWW: January 27-February 2, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday is my motivation for wearing the clothes I own, finding new ways to mix and match outfits, and not wearing the same three things all the time!  I kept a fashion diary for the entire year of 2012, and now in 2013 I’m adding a bit about my days to go along with the outfit.  So these weekly check-ins are a nice journal of my life too!

January 27
January 27

navy blue pintuck top // Loft
octopus necklace // Betsey Johnson via eBay
grey skinny jeans // Gap via eBay
floral flats // eBay

Sunday – That black blob in the background is Tali!  Both cats take turns sitting on the stool we put by the window – they love watching the birds.  I started working on my improv-pieced quilts for the cats – it was so nice to be engrossed in a project again.  At the end of the day, I didn’t feel like I crossed anything off my To-Do list, but oh well – what else is new?

January 28
January 28

pink top with lace collar // Belk
black cardigan // Loft via eBay
black pants // Loft
patent slingbacks / PayLess

Monday!  Threw this on as I ran out the door running late.  Actually, I ended up liking this outfit a lot.  I’ve been purging my closet lately because it’s just too jam packed with clothes that I seldom wear.  So I finally got rid of all those tops that I always think I *might* wear, but usually put back for one reason or another – it’s pilled or doesn’t fit quite right or I have three other similar shirts that I prefer.  And I realized that I really like solid colors with one interesting element – like the lace collar.  Easy to pair with pants and a cardigan, or add a necklace and I’m good to go!

Monday night I changed into leggings and boots to go to to Book Club.  Fun night with the girls – we didn’t meet in December, so we had a late holiday potluck.  It was good to catch up – and talk about the book a little bit too, of course!

January 29
January 29

yellow top with lace collar detail // eBay
grey/yellow floral cardigan // Old Navy via eBay
grey pants // old
nude heels // PayLess

(There’s Cora in the background again – they’re obsessed with the windows!)  The weather has been almost spring-like lately – I love it!  Grey and yellow fit the mood for Tuesday.  After work, I went to the gym.  Watched the latest episode of Downton Abbey on DVR – OMG!  I won’t give away spoilers, but let’s just say I needed a hanky.  Even Sam was shocked.

January 30
January 30

houndstooth bow collar dress // eBay
skinny bow belt // Target
cardigan // thrifted
red coral necklace // eBay
grey tights // Gap
black flats // PayLess

Another normal Wednesday – nothing to report.  Went to the gym with a co-worker after work.

January 31
January 31

blue floral top // Belk
open front blazer // Loft
rice pearl necklace // inherited
black pants // Banana Republic
patent slingbacks // PayLess

Isn’t it funny how certain clothes bring back memories?  This top always reminds me of when I was a librarian in MS.  I usually throw it on as a last resort when I can’t find anything else to wear, but then I remember how comfortable it is and why I keep it in my closet!  Went to the gym again after work.

February 1
February 1

grey floral top // Belk
white cami underneath // Old Navy
mint chevron necklace // Groop Dealz
skinny jeans // Old Navy via eBay
silver flats // PayLess

Casual Friday!  I never liked the elastic in the waist of this top, so I removed it.  Now I think the hem looks weird – so I’m on the fence about keeping it.  I can’t tell if it looks baggy or “oversized” – big difference on a short gal like me!  It was comfortable though, and I still like the print and pleats, so I guess it’s safe in my closet for now.

After work, Sam and I went to our current favorite place for dinner and drinks.  I guess we’re pretty predictable, because the waitress knew exactly what we wanted to order – crab cakes for me and prime rib for Sam 🙂

February 2
February 2

chain link v-neck // Banana Republic
black clover necklace // Groop Dealz
gold/blue chain bracelet // Groop Dealz
skinny jeans // Old Navy
studded flats // eBay

Finally Saturday!  Mostly relaxed all day… and felt guilty for not getting enough done.  I hate that feeling!  I’m trying to work on going with the flow more and not feeling so anxious if all my chores don’t get crossed off the list.  Even though the laundry didn’t get done, I did scrub the bathroom and ran several errands.  And I spent a few hours doing fun things – I started a new book and finished the cat quilts.

We went to a comedy show as part of the SF Sketchfest – viewed a so-bad-it’s-funny movie (Beyond the Doors – the “conspiracy” behind the deaths of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison) hosted by Tim Heidecker (of Tim and Eric fame) at the Roxie Theatre in the Mission – fun times!  We ate popcorn at the theatre and then pizza afterwards – it was nice to do something out of the ordinary, even if the apartment was a mess all day!

I’m linked up to The Pleated Poppy for WIWW!

3 thoughts on “WIWW: January 27-February 2, 2013

  1. Such cute outfits! I have the shirt version of that floral Old Navy cardigan – I love the print! I really like the way you paired it with the yellow lace. So cute!


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