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Vintage Recipe Box + Index Cards

One little line mentioned on the Oh, Fransson! blog gave me this idea for organizing and tracking my quilt projects.

“Another finished quilt. Another WIP card off the wall! (Yes, I really do have a bunch of index cards on my wall.)”

I’ve been looking for some kind of way to keep track of my works in progress (WIP) as well as commemorate the finished products (especially if they were given as gifts).  I’ve dabbled with the ideas of a notebook, a spreadsheet, a photo album… but it seemed like a lot of work, honestly.  I do have the blog for reference – but I mainly chronicle completed projects, and it’s so easy to forget the piles of WIPs… and UFOs, of course.  Oh, Fransson  keeps index cards for each quilt-in-progress on her design wall.  I love the idea of a simple but physical reminder of each project – whether in progress or completed.

The Amateur Librarian // Project Cards

So of course, the first thing I did was to find a pretty box to put my cards in!  I started searching for vintage recipe boxes on eBay and found this awesomely bright floral tin box, complete with ABC tabs!  I added a pretty bookplate inside that I’ve held onto for years.

The Amateur Librarian // Project Cards

I plan to jot down information about each project I start on a simple index card.  This week I started going through the blog archives (thank goodness I rounded up all my Quilting posts onto my Crafts tab a while back, or there’s no way I would remember everything).  Then I searched through my piles for UFOs to add those onto cards.

It was fun to look back through the quilts I’ve started over the past couple years – my first quilt top was started in August 2010.  Not very many finished projects, but it’s all good!  I’m still an amateur, for sure 🙂

The Amateur Librarian // Project Cards

Now I can just add a new card for each new project I start.  Like my cat quilts!  I’m not going to worry too much about including everything or doing the cards a certain way – I’m just including the information I want to remember.  I made a little template card to help me remember – the name, size, when I started and finished, color scheme and fabric sources, if it was gifted, etc.  I’ve been thinking I might add wallet-size photos, but I haven’t gotten that far.  For now I love my pretty box for my new project cards!

The Amateur Librarian // Project Cards

Bonus!  You never know what you’ll get on eBay… this vintage tin box was in great condition, complete with ABC tabs (which I’m not going to use).  Look what else I found…!  Looks like book titles?  Maybe the previous owner used this box as a mini card catalog?

The Amateur Librarian // Project Cards

I tossed the index cards but kept the tabs – on the lookout for a new use for them!

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