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Countdown to V-Day

Believe it or not, the cats haven’t done anything particularly cute lately.  In fact, there’s been a lot of peeing-on-the-floor and crying-for-food-when-they-know-I-have-to-brush-me-teeth-first and yakking-on-the-rug-because-they-ate-too-fast and chasing-each-other-down-the-hall-and-scattering-the-rug-and-tablecloth-EVERY-SINGLE-TIME.  So, you know, normal cat stuff.

Instead of Meow Monday, my mind is still on Valentine’s Day… and even though I am beating a dead horse (my least favorite saying ever) when I keep repeating that I didn’t do anything this year/it just didn’t happen/I don’t feel guilty about it… yadda yadda yadda… obviously I am still a little hung up on it.  I guess because normally I’m all about the minor holidays (An Elementary Ed degree will ingrain a deep love of bulletin boards and seasonal decorations in you).

I love V-Day, and I have the crafts to prove it!  So I perused my archives and collected all my favorites in this post…  My Top 10 Valentine Crafts from the Past!

(You can check them out all of them on my Holiday Crafts Page too.)

Bee Mine Beeswax Lip Balm Valentines

The Amateur Librarian // Valentines

Little Wise Guy Valentines

The Amateur Librarian // Valentines

Origami Love Boats

The Amateur Librarian // Valentines

Paper Heart Chain

The Amateur Librarian // Valentines

Purr-fect Valentines

The Amateur Librarian // Valentines

Seeds of Love Valentines

The Amateur Librarian // Valentines

Sole Mate Valentines

The Amateur Librarian // Valentines

Valentine Garland

The Amateur Librarian // Valentines

Vintage Valentine Banner

The Amateur Librarian // Valentines

Woven Heart Pockets

The Amateur Librarian // Valentines

Hooray for resting on my laurels… I almost feel like I did something, after looking at all that past effort!  The countdown to V-Day is on… 3 more days!

2 thoughts on “Countdown to V-Day

  1. We still have our Little Wise Guy Valentine hanging in the kitchen…with it’s adorable “third eye”, and dangling thread-legs & heart shaped feet saying…”I’ve got my eye on you.”


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