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I’ve got the bug…  and fortunately it’s not a sick bug!  More like a restless-decorating bug.  I’ve been itching to change up something around the apartment lately, but we don’t really have that much leeway when it comes to rearranging furniture or space to put new stuff.  So I looked to the walls… and decided that the living room artwork needed some sprucing up.

The Amateur Librarian // Craft Chat


That’s the best part about art, right?  You can move it around as many times as you want, or just make some brand new art of your own.  What’s a little caulking when it comes time to move?!  (When it’s actually time to move and I am completely overwhelmed and can’t handle one more little detail… please feel free to remind me that I once scoffed at caulking.)

The Amateur Librarian // Craft Chat

A couple weekends ago, I walked down to the local art store and wandered up and down the aisles and came home with these canvases in various sizes.  Then I went to Amazon and bought a bunch of supplies because the art store is for “serious” artists and doesn’t have fun stuff like tissue paper and foam sheets and craft paint.  (No oil paints or $20-colored pencils for me, thanks!) I stared at those blank canvases every day since then, brainstorming what to do with them.

The Amateur Librarian // Craft Chat

One problem I have with being “creative” is that I get stumped when it comes to thinking up original ideas.  Give me a blank canvas and I will probably doodle a flower.  But lately I’ve gotten lots of inspiration from some of my favorite blogs (and Pinterest OF COURSE) so this time I’m not intimidated at all… I’m excited!  Usually I find that once I have an idea, I start tweaking it and really enjoy the process of making it my own.  It’s just the starting-idea part that’s hard.

The Amateur Librarian // Craft Chat

Last weekend was craft-tastic – I woke up Saturday morning raring to go.  I played all day long with paint, mod podge, tissue paper, and paint brushes.  By the end of the weekend, my four canvases were no longer blank!  I can’t wait to share what I made– since I got all my ideas online, I’ll be sharing them each Friday for Project Pinterest.

The Amateur Librarian // Craft Chat

Yay for creativity – and the potential of a blank canvas!

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