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WIWW: February 3-9, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday is my motivation for wearing the clothes I own, finding new ways to mix and match outfits, and not wearing the same three things all the time!  I kept a fashion diary for the entire year of 2012, and now in 2013 I’m adding a bit about my days to go along with the outfit.  So these weekly check-ins are a nice journal of my life too!

February 3
February 3

striped layer over polka dot top // Loft
owl necklace // inherited
skinny jeans // Old Navy via eBay
grey Toms // Nordstrom’s

I have to admit, this wasn’t the best day.  Because the chores didn’t get done on Saturday, I was feeling stressed out and rushed to get everything done before the work week began.  Plus, everyone in the building tries to do laundry in the one machine  down in the basement (another reason why I try to get it done on Saturday mornings).  Let’s just say that the neighbors don’t always play by the rules, and the laundry wars fill me with rage.  Yes, rage!  I can’t explain why it bothers me so much – laundry is my favorite kind of cleaning – and ending up with damp, wrinkled clothes after $20 of quarters is incredibly frustrating.  We decided Sam should take charge to save me from laundry-induced meltdowns.  It’s better for everyone that way.

By the end of the day, all was well – except for the 49ers, of course.  We ate takeout salads in front of the TV for the Super Bowl, and split a pint of mango sherbet for Downton Abbey.

February 4
February 4

splotch print dress // Belk
black geometric necklace // Everyday Icing
tan cardigan // Ann Taylor
black tights // Walgreens
black flats // PayLess

This is one of my favorite dresses because the empire waist is so comfortable, and it’s super easy to throw on with black tights.  The necklace is new – I have to say, I wouldn’t have bought it if I hadn’t had a glass of wine before one of those online flash sales started… oops!  I don’t really need another black/gold necklace, but at least it’s versatile.  Went to the gym after work.

February 5
February 5

green polka dot top // Loft
pearls // eBay
black pants (not pictured) // Banana Republic
ankle strap heels // eBay

Up at the front desk on Tuesday.  Busy busy at work – went to the gym afterwards.

February 6
February 6

black dress with white streaks // Ann Taylor
floral cardigan // Old Navy via eBay
monogram necklace // eBay
black tights // Walgreens
black flats // PayLess

This dress is hard to photograph, especially with the iPhone.  It’s one piece, but made to look like the top is separate.  Hard to explain, but cute in person.  You can never go wrong with black and white!  Went to the gym again after work.

February 7
February 7

grey/maroon print mesh top // Belk
black pearls // eBay
open front blazer // Loft
grey pants // old
black heels (not pictured) // PayLess

Still loving this open front blazer to throw on top of a simple top-bottom look.  Super easy!

February 8
February 8

green cable knit sweater // Loft
initial leaf necklace // Etsy
grey skinny jeans // Gap via eBay
taupe boots // eBay

Casual Friday!  I bought this sweater a few weeks ago, but made the mistake of washing it before checking the instructions.  Wool blend = major shrinkage!  I had to hang it for a while to try to get it to lengthen a bit.  Now I just pretend the 3/4 length sleeves are on purpose 🙂  Worked out on my lunch hour – I never want to go on Fridays, I always feel a lot better when I do make myself go.  Went to our favorite restaurant for dinner, and went to bed early since Sam was feeling sick.

February 9
February 9

purple tunic // eBay
octopus necklace // Betsey Johnson via eBay
grey skinny jeans // Aeropostale via eBay
bronze flats // eBay

Woke up super pumped to get started on my crafty endeavors!  Painted all day and got chores done in between.  Tested out my new crock pot for dinner – recipe coming soon!  Wrapped up Saturday night at the movies – we saw Side Effects (very good – riveting, suspenseful psychological thriller).

I’m linked up to The Pleated Poppy for WIWW!


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