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YHL #147: Make Fun Geometric Art

I gave myself the gift of Young House Love: 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update & Show Your Home Some Love for Christmas, and I’ve been poring over it ever since.  It’s definitely my favorite book for DIY inspiration!


I’ve already raved about this book in my January Reading Log – I’m seriously in love with it!  Young House Love is the only blog where I am a little bit of a swimfan – ok, maybe a lot.  I seriously considered buying flight tickets to Portland when they came to the West coast on their book tour, and I’ve actually said to Sam (more than once) that I want to BE Sherry and John Petersik – or more accurately, I want to live the life of a full-time DIY blogger, preferably with a Chihuahua named Burger and a toddler as cool as Clara.  Not in a creepy way, I promise!  I just really, really enjoy their blog and their book.

Anyway, I was excited to try one of their projects, and I decided to start with an easy one that would work with the other canvases I had in mind to spruce up the living room art.  One thing I love about their ideas is that most are super simple to execute – but I never would have thought of it by myself.  Their whole book planted lots of tiny idea seeds about how to repurpose what I already have and incorporate simple design decisions to get the overall look I like.  Clean, modern, colorful – it’s everything I never knew I always wanted!  (Name that movie!)  So the instructions below are all covered in the book and easy to figure out without a tutorial anyway!

Of course, it’s helpful if you have a cat around!

The Amateur Librarian // Geometric Art

Geometric Art

The Amateur Librarian // Geometric Art

Time:  30 minutes tops

Cost: About $15, depending on what you already own (individual prices listed under supplies)


  • tissue paper (I wanted a few different shades of blue, so I found a set of gift wrap on eBay for $3)
  • mod podge ($6)
  • canvas (6×8 costs about $4)
  • foam brush (89 cents)


You can make any shape you want, but I went with fish scales – just like the book suggests.  I even went with similar colors, since I wanted a palette of blues and greens.  Trace a round object on a piece of card stock or cardboard to use as a template.  (I just traced the bottom of the mod podge bottle.)  Use the template to cut circles from a few different colors of tissue paper.

The Amateur Librarian // Geometric Art

Cut the circles in half.  Arrange the half-circles in rows – I played around with an ombre effect from light to dark, but ended up liking a random mix of shades.

To adhere them to the canvas, first use your foam brush to put a little mod podge directly on the canvas.

The Amateur Librarian // Geometric Art

Set the tissue paper in place and gently smooth out any wrinkles so the shape lays flat.

The Amateur Librarian // Geometric Art

After each shape has been attached in place, gently put another layer of mod podge on top of the entire canvas.

The Amateur Librarian // Geometric Art

Let dry, and you’re done!

The Amateur Librarian // Geometric Art

This last little project completed my canvases for our living room wall.  I’m so happy with the fresh new art!

A wrap-up coming tomorrow… here’s a little sneak peek!

The Amateur Librarian

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