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Project Pinterest: Vinegar Shower Head Soak

I’ve seen this pin all over Pinterest, and I’ve probably pinned it more than a few times – the idea is that soaking your shower head in vinegar results in a sparkly squeaky clean fixture.


Vinegar is all the rage right now – according to Pinterest, vinegar cleans the kitchen, tones your face, heals sore throats, it even clears your acne!  I happened to have some vinegar from last Easter, so I gave it a whirl.

Vinegar Shower Head Soak

The Amateur Librarian // Pinterest Project: Clean Shower head with Vinegar

Time: 2 minutes to prepare, an hour or two for soaking

Cost: If you buy everything new, less than $5


  • vinegar
  • ziplock bag
  • rubber band


See my nasty showerhead with the green gunk?  Lovely!

The Amateur Librarian // Pinterest Project: Clean Shower head with Vinegar

I filled a baggy with vinegar and secured it over the nozzle with a rubber band, making sure that the head was submerged.  Then I left it for over an hour (closer to 2 hours).

The Amateur Librarian // Pinterest Project: Clean Shower head with Vinegar

And when I removed the vinegar for the big reveal of a sparkling shower head… ummm…  Not much difference!

The Amateur Librarian // Pinterest Project: Clean Shower head with Vinegar

I wiped it down with a wet cloth, as suggested… and I even used the leftover vinegar to “shine the fixtures”… which also didn’t make much of a difference.  The rag did show that a bit of gunk came off, so that’s a good sign.  It just wasn’t the miraculous reveal I was expecting.

So, I’m left to wonder if I did something wrong (Was the vinegar too old?  Should I have let the showerhead soak longer?) or if it’s just a big ole Pinterest myth that vinegar cures all.  Anybody else have better luck?

Once again, Pinterest inspired another vinegar cleaning project… but I’m thinking the promises of vinegar are mostly myth.


5 thoughts on “Project Pinterest: Vinegar Shower Head Soak

  1. I don’t know if vinegar works for shower heads (we used CLR, and it DID work!), but I do use an apple cider vinegar toner on my face, and it works better than I have ever seen before! I just mix organic apple cider vinegar with water (1:2 ratio) and swipe it over my face with a cotton ball once or twice a day. It has really made an amazing difference in just a few weeks!


  2. It may depend on the type of water you have. My cousin is also a huge fan of the acv and it works for her for everything she try’s. Perhaps if you have real hard water build up you just need to add something or use something stronger, my initial thought though was that you did not leave it on long enough. I’m going to try it mostly because I’m lazy and if it works, woo hoo. I’ll keep you posted.


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