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Ice Breakers – Play Along!

I like special dates.  Anniversaries, holidays, milestones, traditions, remembering, reminiscing.  Even if there’s no official celebration or presents for a minor anniversary, I still try to make a point of talking about memories on those days.  Comparing then and now, picking apart recollections and feelings, looking back and appreciating the past and present, dreaming up plans for the future.

This week involved two anniversaries – yesterday marks 7 years that Sam and I have been together, and today marks 1 year working in San Fran.  Important dates for sure!

The Amateur Librarian // Ice Breakers


The Amateur Librarian // Ice Breakers

So in honor of milestones, let’s play a game!  Recently my office hosted a meet and greet with another company in the business, and we played a few ice breaker games during lunch.  I’ll show you my answers and if you want to play along, feel free to share your answers in the comments.  But even if you don’t want to share, I’ll just imagine that you’re thinking and answering silently on your end.  (So I don’t feel entirely silly if no one responds!)


Personal Artifacts

Bring one small item (that will fit in a brown lunch sack to be provided) that means something special to you.  One by one we will reveal the items and try to guess who brought it.  That person then tells us why it is special to them.

The Surprising Stuff I’ve done

Think of something you have done or accomplished that might surprise your co-workers.  Type it in Arial 10 point font and print it out.  We will read the comments and try to match names with deeds.

Ready for my answers?

Personal Artifact –

The Amateur Librarian // Ice Breakers

Everyone here already knows that I collect salt & pepper shakers!  These actually came from a teacher friend in Mississippi – she saw them at a yard sale and sent them to me – isn’t that sweet?  And of course I told them about my two cats too, although I refrained from gushing too much.

The Surprising Stuff I’ve Done – Here’s what was typed on a strip of paper:

The Amateur Librarian // Ice Breakers

It’s true!

Did that surprise anyone?  Anyone else want to play along?

What personal artifact would you bring that could fit in a paper bag?  

What have you done that would surprise your friends?  

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