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Meow Monday: Crafty Cats

Slowly but surely, I’m making progress on the chevron baby quilt for my friend.  The cats have been helpful, of course…   They love hanging out on my sewing table, especially when there’s a project in progress!     Those crafty cats, always in the way by my side. (Do you like that crossing out… Continue reading Meow Monday: Crafty Cats

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Project Pinterest: Doodle Trees

Lately I’ve been on a doodling spree!  Set me in front of a blank sheet of paper, and I usually draw a blank.  But thanks to Pinterest, inspiration abounds – even when it comes to doodling. I pinned this image, which turned out to be an Eloise Renouf print. I love the line drawings of… Continue reading Project Pinterest: Doodle Trees

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Meow Monday: Tali in the Box

If there is an unattended box, bag, or bin, the cats will find a way to climb inside.  Usually Cora is the first to pounce, but lately I’ve been finding Tali in boxes too. Boxes in the closet… (no wonder I always have cat hair on my clothes!) Boxes on the floor… (in the recycling)… Continue reading Meow Monday: Tali in the Box