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Ten Random Lists

I’m having a hard time thinking of something to write for today.  Usually I have each week’s posts pretty well planned out, but this week there was a big gaping hole for Friday that hasn’t gone away.  And here we are on Friday already!  What’s a blogger to do?   Well, if you’re me, you’d write a list.  Or maybe ten lists!  Yes, ten is even better.

Behold, ten random lists (and a few of my recent favorite Instagram pics, just for fun):

My Favorite Breakfast Foods

eggs, any way

pomegranate seeds with plain yogurt

blueberry pancakes


fresh fruit

grapefruit and a spoon

granola and greek yogurt

French toast


hash browns

bagel with cream cheese

toasted English muffin with jelly

blueberry muffins

coffee cake

biscuits and fresh molasses

The Amateur Librarian // Chit Chat

Places I Want to Visit Before I Die

Prince Edward Island


the Mediterranean Sea

the top of a mountain

my birthplace Tunisia


somewhere with a lot of snow

Hawaii (we’re pretty close, we might as well)

The Amateur Librarian // Chit Chat

Things I’m Afraid Of

jelly fish

big dogs

being the center of attention


getting lost/not knowing where I’m going

really big insects

horror movies

The Amateur Librarian // Music Therapy

My Favorite TV Shows

Game of Thrones


New Girl

Mad Men

Project Runway

The Wire

West Wing

Teen Mom

Food Network Star

The Soup

The Amateur Librarian // Chit Chat

The Best Smells on Earth


wet grass after a rainstorm

the ocean

baking cookies

mint tea

clean sheets fresh from the dryer

The Amateur Librarian // Chit Chat

The Cutest Things My Cats Do

Tali cleaning Cora

Cora meowing at the birds through the window

Either one rolling around on their backs

Hiding in the closet or some other unexpected place

Running to the door when I come home from work

Cora curling up on top of the couch

Tali pulling her cat mat onto the floor and sitting on it

Sitting close together to be in the same sun spot

Tali chasing Cora down the hall

The Amateur Librarian // Chit Chat

Travel Plans for 2013

Las Vegas, NV (February)

Napa Valley, CA (May)

Seattle, WA (June)

Destin, FL (July)

Auburn, AL (September)

Columbus, MS (December)

The Amateur Librarian // Chit Chat

Things on My To Do List that I Keep Putting Off

donate three bags of clothes to the local thrift store

organize and file paperwork that keeps accumulating

bring the duvet to the dry cleaner

put together our 2012 yearbook

mend a shirt that ripped months ago

send a birthday card that’s been sitting on my kitchen table since April

work on a whole stack of unfinished sewing/quilting/knitting/cross stitch projects

scan old photo prints

The Amateur Librarian // Chit Chat

Songs that Make Me Hum Along

Wagon Wheel (Old Crow Medicine Show)

Home (Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros)

Never Be (Kelley McRae)

22 (Taylor Swift)

Hey Julie (Fountains of Wayne)

5 Years Time (Noah and the Whale)

Crane Wife 3 (Decemberists)

Creature Fear (Bon Iver)

The Amateur Librarian // Music Therapy

Five Things I Want to Do Before I Turn 30

go on a trip that Sam and I plan together

have the patience to grow out my hair really long

make an improv/art quilt that I’m really proud of

grow a garden that I can eat from

learn about something that excites me

That was fun!

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