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Mama’s Hexis

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day weekend to everyone!  My poor Mama will be without children by her side for the first time – I guess that’s what happens when we little birds start to fly from the nest.  But I’d apparate to Alabama in a split second if I could!  (Hey, I’d even suffer through Floo powder if that’s what it takes!)  Since instantaneous travel doesn’t exist, I had to settle for sending my mama a gift instead.

Remember the Thanksgiving hexi table topper I made last year?

The Amateur Librarian // Thanksgiving Hexis

When my parents visited for Thanksgiving, Mom admired it and wanted one in blues and purples for herself.  So come Mother’s Day, that’s exactly what I made.

The Amateur Librarian // Hexi Table Topper

(Side note: How has it already been six months since November?  This whole living-across-the-country-and-seeing-family-only-twice-a-year thing is for the birds!)

I searched my scrap bin for blues and purples, but came up with a distinct lack of purple options.  So the palette turned into more blue and greens, with a nautical lean as a nod to our shared love of the ocean and her childhood. A few remnants from the chevron baby quilt even worked their way in there – I love using scraps from past projects (or in this case, a work-in-progress project).

The Amateur Librarian // Hexi Table Topper

The Amateur Librarian // Hexi Table Topper

The Amateur Librarian // Hexi Table Topper

I followed the same instructions from Quilts & More magazine to paper piece and attach the hexis, except this time around I made a few tweaks to speed up the process.  I lost the original hexagon template so I just looked up one online, and instead of basting through the paper template as suggested in the magazine, I used this technique from Bee In My Bonnet.  The hexagon shape wasn’t quite as sharp using this technique (I think it worked better for her because she was making 2″ hexagons, but mine are a lot bigger), but removing the templates and basting stitches was a lot less painful – so I think it’s totally worth it!  I also quilted it slightly different, so the outline of each hexagon was one continuous straight stitch, instead of stopping and starting for each separate hexi.

The Amateur Librarian // Hexi Table Topper

The Amateur Librarian // Hexi Table Topper

The Amateur Librarian // Hexi Table Topper

And of course I broke out the label maker again to sign my work!

The Amateur Librarian // Hexi Table Topper

I can’t adequately express how much I value my mama’s presence, but every year I try anyway.   Our relationship has been a guiding force and source of strength my entire life.  The daily phone calls, texts, emails, skype sessions – and above all, our shared laughter throughout – is a constant reminder.  My mama’s love has guided me through the good times and the bad – not just in words, but in actions too.  I’m grateful every day that I can rely on her humor and good sense to steer me in the right direction!  To my mother and mother figures in my life, Happy Mother’s Day!

Today I’m linking up to Finish it Up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts!

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