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Meow Monday: Happy Birthday to Dad!

Today’s a special day – a big Happy Birthday to my Dad!

The Amateur Librarian

I wish I could be in Alabama to celebrate but this cyber shout out will have to suffice.  I’m so lucky to have such a great Dad, another year younger and wiser!  I’ve always relished our shared sense of humor and love of history.  And, of course, I’ve absorbed years of wisdom like “The point of driving is to get from Point A to Point B safely.”


I wish I had more digital pictures on my computer from my childhood – another one of those Someday projects.  But I looked through what I have in my files for a few favorite moments with my Dad.

The Amateur Librarian

Since it’s Meow Monday, I thought I’d share this funny picture that my family used years ago for a Christmas card.  Bonnie and Clyde aren’t feline, but we photo shopped our anti-social (and a bit obese) cat Jingles into the corner.  Don’t you love their headgear?

The Amateur Librarian

Jingles sometimes had the nickname Jiggles or Jabba the Hut… I wonder why…

The Amateur Librarian

Happy birthday, Dad!

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