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WIWW: May 5-11, 2013

Another week of What I Wore Wednesday!

The Amateur Librarian // What I Wore Wednesday

What I Wore Wednesday is my motivation for wearing the clothes I own, finding new ways to mix and match outfits, and not wearing the same three things all the time! I kept a fashion diary for the entire year of 2012, and now in 2013 I’m adding a bit about my days to go along with the outfit. So these weekly check-ins are a nice journal of my life too!

May 5
May 5

green ruffle dress // gift
leopard print cardigan // eBay
grey belt // old
snakeskin flats // eBay

I got all dressed up for church, but the lousy weather kept us inside.  It was too drizzly for the ten block walk (or a packed bus), but the weather was perfect for sewing… too bad I ran out of thread!  I had to give up on the idea of finishing the baby quilt in time for Mother’s Day, but it was probably for the best.  I forced myself to slow down and do some hand piecing instead for my mama’s present.  It was nice to chill a bit since I was still feeling under the weather.  Being sick is no fun!

May 6
May 6

blue sweater // thrifted
blue print cardigan // Target via eBay
braided pearl necklace // eBay
black pants (not pictured) // Banana Republic
heels // PayLess

I love my collection of colorful cardigans – super easy to mix and match for a simple outfit.  The work day was crazy, and I skipped working out so I could finish up the Mother’s Day present while there was still light out.  I don’t like sewing in the dark!  I got everything finished up and packaged up with my Dad’s birthday present and accompanying cards, but I was still too late… the package didn’t arrive in Alabama until after both events.  Oh well…

May 7
May 7

geometric print dress // eBay
half circle necklace // Everyday Icing
black cardigan // Loft via eBay
bow skinny belt // Target
ankle strap heels // eBay

One of my favorite eBay purchases – easy to throw on, and the print is easy to transition into any season.  After work, I worked out for the first time during the week.  Since I’ve made working out a habit in my life (my only 2013 resolutions still going strong!), I find that missing a few days starts to throw me off kilter.  It felt great to stretch out a bit – even though I was still fighting off congestion and a lingering cough, I seem to breathe easier and sleep better after a good workout.

May 8
May 8

geometric print top // Belk
chevron necklace // Groop Dealz
open front blazer // Loft
black skinny pants // Loft
flats // PayLess

Another easy outfit to throw together.  I like how the geometric print on the top goes with the vibe of the chevron necklace.  And of course, my go-to blazer lately.  Work was fine but hectic, and afterwards I went to the gym.

May 9
May 9

black top // Banana Republic via eBay
white coral necklace // eBay
blue print skirt // Gap
black tights // Walgreens
ankle boots // eBay

This skirt has languished at the back of my closet since moving (almost two years ago!), but I’ve been trying to go through my closet and either wear or donate all those items that I seldom wear.  A cold snap came through even though I could get away with bare legs a couple days ago, on Thursday tights and booties were definitely necessary.  I don’t mind though – after so many blazing Southern summers, I can appreciate a nippy breeze and a jacket in the middle of May.  I worked a little late and changed into my Giants gear for the game.

Bonus!  All decked out for the Giants vs. Braves game.

May 9
May 9

Unfortunately, it didn’t really matter what I was wearing since I was bundled up the whole night.  The ballpark by the bay was seriously cold!  I was lucky that my coat had a hood, but I was still shivering without a blanket or hat.  Now I know for the next game – bring more layers!

May 10
May 10

green top with studs // Deep South Pout
pendant necklace // Everyday Icing
skinny jeans // Old Navy via eBay
braided leather flip flops // eBay

here’s a running joke in our office that any time our boss declares Flip Flop Friday, the weather is bound to be cold and rainy.  Sure enough… it was cold and rainy.  I wore flip flops in the morning but ended up pulling out an extra pair of flats that I keep in my gym bag because my feet were too cold!  After work, I went to the gym since I had missed so many other days.  When I started going to The Bar Method, I did the math and figured that if I could go at least three days a week, it would be worth the money per class.  Gotta get my money’s worth!  Of course, after I got home we went to an Italian restaurant and I had shrimp alfredo, so obviously I’m not too concerned with my calories burned/calories consumed ratio.  Ah well, Fridays are worth celebrating!

May 11
May 11

ombre stripe top // Gap
grey leggings // eBay
grey Toms // Nordstrom’s

Saturdays are all about errands, laundry, and comfort – and this one was like any other.  The best project crossed off my list was purging my closet one more time and bringing four bags of clothes to the local thrift store.  It felt so good to clear out that corner of our bedroom and get rid of so much unnecessary stuff!  The weather vacillated from foggy to sunny to brisk in the span of a few hours.  By nightfall, it was downright cold as we walked to the movie theater to see Gatsy.  (Good movie!  Beautifully filmed, although we passed on the 3D.  My only criticism was that the narration could be a bit distracting – it was hard to get into the story with someone constantly telling you what was happening, and I didn’t feel angry enough at Daisy and Tom by the end.  I mean, I should’ve been feeling very, very angry and sad about humanity, but instead it was like… eh, at least Spiderman got to write a book about it, I guess.  But other than that, pretty true to the story and excellent fodder for high school English teachers to show at the end of a Lit unit.)

I’m linked up to The Pleated Poppy for WIWW!

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