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City Sights: Free Movie Screening

Sam is always full of surprises.  Last week, he asked if I’d like to go to a free movie screening for the comedy This Is The End – which doesn’t hit theaters until June 12.  Of course I’d like to go!  I asked Sam all about how he found out about the screening, or how he got tickets, or how to do more in the future.  So do you want to know how to score free tickets to movie screenings?  Apparently, just Google it.  Huh.  I guess it never hurts to try.


The movie started at 7, on a first-come first-serve basis, so we got there early around 6 PM.  Our tickets were scanned and we were led right to the theatre.  Cell phones and laptops were confiscated  before we entered (each one was put into individual brown paper bags, stapled, and a number written with a corresponding ticket to turn in after the movie).

The Amateur Librarian // Free Movie Screening

There were no previews – a bonus for Sam, but personally I like seeing new previews.  As for the movie itself, it was really funny – and if you’re familiar with any of the actors (Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Craig Robinson), you know exactly what kind of humor you’re in for.  It was ridiculous, over the top, and each minute was crazier than the next.


Afterwards, we got our cell phones and that was that!  There was someone asking questions, but with the crowd at the door she waved us on.  It was fun to do something out of the ordinary on a Wednesday night!

More city sights coming soon as we explore San Francisco!

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