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WIWW: June 16-22, 2013

Another week of What I Wore Wednesday!

The Amateur Librarian // What I Wore Wednesday

What I Wore Wednesday is my motivation for wearing the clothes I own, finding new ways to mix and match outfits, and not wearing the same three things all the time! I kept a fashion diary for the entire year of 2012, and now in 2013 I’m adding a bit about my days to go along with the outfit. So these weekly check-ins are a nice journal of my life too!

June 16
June 16

navy blue v-neck // Gap
leaf initial necklace // Etsy
skinny jeans // Old Navy via eBay
blue-tipped flats // gift

We didn’t have to wake up super early in Seatlle for our flight back to San Francisco, but I was a bit slow going after all the fun from the wedding.  Somehow we made it to the airport, and I just had to concentrate on seeing the kitties again to keep my spirits up after saying goodbye to my parents.  We got home around mid-afternoon, and spent the rest of the day unpacking and hanging out with the cats.  I was too tired to do much, so all my hopes of getting laundry done went out the window.  Napping on the couch was worth the mountains of laundry later, though.

June 17
June 17

floral print top // Belk
braided pearl necklace // eBay
open front blazer // Loft
black pants // Banana Republic
patent slingbacks // PayLess

Back to reality!  Simple outfit to ease back into the real world after our trip.  Work was a complete whirlwind – I didn’t have a chance to catch my breath all day and didn’t even have time to eat lunch.  Book Club was scheduled forMonday night but I called in a rain check and we all agreed to reschedule for the next week.  I needed to crash on the couch!

June 18
June 18

black lace dress // Forever 21 via eBay
floral cardigan // Banana Republic
turquoise pendant necklace // Groop Dealz
skinny belt // Forever 21
black tights // Walgreens
ankle strap heels // eBay

Neutrals with a dash of blue.  I like bright colors, but sometimes I’m even more pleased when neutral shades come together in a non-boring way.  I finally caught up at work after my trip, and the day went by much more smoothly.  I went to the gym after work, which felt great after a week away.  Sometimes it’s nice to have dependable routines, to help get back into the swing of things.

June 19
June 19

sheer print top // Belk
grey pants (not pictured) // old
black heels // PayLess

This top always works in a pinch when I’m running late to work, although it doesn’t make for a very exciting fashion diary.  After the work day I went to the gym again.  Just a regular day, nothing special.

June 20
June 20

sheer floral top // Belk
white cami underneath // Old Navy
pave bead necklace // Everyday Icing
black pants // Loft
patent slingbacks // PayLess

Outfit for work-to-evening transition.  After work, I met up with some co-workers for a night of trivia.  We did not win, or even come close, but it was fun! 

June 21
June 21

mint floral top // Belk
grey open cardigan // Forever 21 via eBay
chevron necklace // Groop Dealz
skinny jeans // Old Navy via eBay
silver flats // PayLess

Cora decided to help with Friday’s fashion diaries.  The work week flew by and I felt like I never had a chance to catch my breath.  A movie was the perfect relief for the end of the week – we saw Monsters Inc. 2 and it was really cute!  (Not as good as the first, for sure, but definitely cute.  And because there were lots of kids in the theater, there were rounds of clapping at all the triumphant moments which was pretty fun.)

June 22
June 22

brown lace v-neck // Loft via eBay
jeans // Aeropostale via eBay
floral flats // eBay

Catch up day!  I always think I want to sleep in on Saturday mornings, but then I’m up and ready to go way before 8 AM.  We had an epic mountain of laundry to tackle, but by the end of the day it was all done.  While we were waiting for the cycles of laundry to finish, we caught up on the last season of Parenthood.  Love that show!  Saturday was just a huge sigh of relief when I finally had a moment to relax.  

I’m linked up to The Pleated Poppy for WIWW!

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