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City Sights: North Beach Pub Crawl

I know I’m mentioned a few times – it really is the first place online we check out whenever we’re looking for something to do on the weekend.  There are always festivals, museum exhibits, concerts, or other activities going on in the city, but sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to keep on top of everything going on… so it’s helpful to have one website that lists it all.  Last week, we wanted to do something fun on Wednesday night before the holiday.  We found a weekly pub crawl that is also a Rock Paper Scissors tournament – who knew this was happening every Wednesday night, just a bus ride away?

The Amateur Librarian // North Beach Pub Crawl

The tournament is set up so that you have a drink card and a playing card that you bring to each bar.  Drinks are $2.50, which if you know San Francisco, those are amazing prices!  The playing card has pictures for each required game of Rock Paper Scissors – you find someone at each bar with a matching picture, and after playing a game (best out of 3), the two of you go to the judge who will hole punch your card for each game.  One punch = Win, Two punches = Lose.

The Amateur Librarian // North Beach Pub Crawl


The Amateur Librarian // North Beach Pub Crawl

You have to play three games at the first bar, two at the second, and one at the third place.  It was a fun way to meet people and see a few new places in North Beach at the same time.

The Amateur Librarian // North Beach Pub Crawl

A few groups were from nearby hostels, so we met travelers from Germany, Australia, Brazil, and a few locals too.  By the end of the night we were all best friends.  Whoever wins the most games gets put into a bracket to play for the final prize… Sam and I didn’t quite make it to the fourth bar, we were all partied out!  So we wished everyone good luck in the final bracket and headed home around midnight… what can I say, we’re old now!  We had a lot of fun, though, and we’ll definitely check out another pub crawl in the future.  The structure was great for breaking the ice, and the people were really fun.  Good times!

More city sights coming soon as we explore San Francisco!

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