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Fantasy Football Update: One Year Later

It’s that time of year… all of my SEC friends are gearing up for another season of tailgating and game days, and around the office I’m hearing rumblings about Fantasy Football.  And then I remembered that time I tried my hand at Fantasy Football a long, long time ago… or, maybe it was only a year ago.  And while I was experiencing revelations, I also realized that I never followed up at the end of the season…

You may remember my team the Katie Kats…  (roster screen shot from the Yahoo app)…

And guess what…  I won!!! 

Yep, my team the Katie Kats tied in first place for our league.  It was quite surprising… especially since I had no idea what I was doing the entire time, I never watched any football games, never checked on any of my players or made a single change to the lineup during the season.  But somehow I ended up with a winning team and a check in the mail! 

I’m not sure what the lesson here is… I didn’t learn anything more about football, or even much about the stats involved with a fantasy league. 

Would I do it again?  Maybe… it was fun to keep up with everyone in the league and watch my progress each week… and of course it was fun to win.  But maybe I’ll just rest on my laurels for a while before participating again…


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