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WIWW: September 8-14, 2013

Another week of What I Wore Wednesday!

The Amateur Librarian // What I Wore Wednesday

What I Wore Wednesday is my motivation for wearing the clothes I own, finding new ways to mix and match outfits, and not wearing the same three things all the time! I kept a fashion diary for the entire year of 2012, and now in 2013 I’m adding a bit about my days to go along with the outfit. So these weekly check-ins are a mini journal of my life too!

September 8
September 8

chain print v-neck // Banana Republic
skinny jeans // Aeropostale via eBay
black flats // PayLess

We had a brief reprieve from the heat wave – I know, 80 degrees doesn’t seem that bad, and it’s absolutely lovely outside, but inside the apartment is like a furnace.  It cooled off a bit at night and made sleeping bearable again, which was nice.  I ran errands, worked on my quilt (so close to finishing!), and caught up with friends on the phone.  We had breakfast for dinner and settled in to watch Breaking Bad… they are killing me with the cliffhangers this season!

September 9
September 9

teal lace top // Belk
coral and lace cardigan // Forever 21 via eBay
coral circle necklace // Groop Dealz
grey pants // old
black heels // PayLess

I forgot how much I like this cute little cardigan, and I love the teal/coral/grey color combo.  Monday was fine as Mondays go, and after work I went to the gym.  I stopped by the grocery store after getting off the bus… I know if I go home first, I’ll never want to go back into the fog!

September 10
September 10

white tee // Loft
tangerine and gold pendant // eBay
beige cardigan // Ann Taylor
floral skirt // thrifted
brown ankle strap wedges

I’ve had this skirt a long time, but it’s been hiding in the back of my closet.  I guess I’m transitioning into fall colors, even though I didn’t do it consciously!  Another ho hum work day, followed by the gym… with my trip to Alabama only a week away, I was pretty antsy to get through each day as quickly as possible.

September 11
September 11

black and white print top // Belk
black cardigan // Loft via eBay
pearls // gift
black pants // Loft
black heels // PayLess

Black and white never fails… especially on such a somber 12th anniversary.  After work, I skipped the gym to catch up with a friend… these time zones are killer when it comes to keeping in touch with East Coast friends.  By the time I get home after the gym, it’s bedtime for her… so instead I went home early and just interrupted her dinner instead…. There isn’t really a win/win scenario during the work week.

September 12
September 12

floral top // eBay
black tank underneath // Old Navy
black bead necklace // old
skinny pants // Loft
black flats // PayLess

Work-to-happy-hour outfit for Thursday.  Work was pretty busy (OK, that’s an understatement) so I was quite ready for happy hour to roll around.  I met up with some girls from book club at a cute place downtown about a 15 minute walk away.  It was great to chat, share an appetizer, and indulge in a couple cocktails.  I was home early enough to watch Project Runway on DVR, which is pretty much my idea of a perfect night!

September 13
September 13

leaf print top // Ann Taylor outlet
sailboat necklace // Groop Dealz
skinny jeans // Abercrombie & Fitch via eBay
brown ankle strap wedges // PayLess

Simple outfit for a doctor appointment and casual day at work.  But first, riddle me this: why am I always dead asleep when my alarm goes off on a normal work day, but then on a day when I can sleep in another hour… I’m wide awake BEFORE my alarm would even normally go off??   Maybe I was just nervous… new doctors always have that effect on me, although I didn’t have anything to worry about because I really like my new rheumatologist (yep, another specialist… that makes 4 on my team, in addition to: gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, and urologist).  Since it was a new patient consultation, everything took longer than usual… paperwork, medical history, blood work, and then an x-ray… so it was already time for lunch by the end of it all.  After that, off to work for a busy afternoon.  And by the end of the day… I was just happy that it was finally Friday!

September 14
September 14

navy pintucked tee // Loft
mint green chevron necklace // Groop Dealz
jeans // Aeropostale via eBay
silver flats // PayLess

Busy Saturday before my trip… errands, cleaning, finishing my latest quilt (yippee!  Photos coming soon after I gift it), and a trip to the library.  I had some books on hold, so we ate lunch at a diner nearby before picking them up.  It was a busy (but productive!) day.

I’m linked up to The Pleated Poppy for WIWW!


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