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High Five for Friday! 9/27

High Five for Friday!  I’m sharing the highlights of my week… five to be exact!  I love the idea of focusing on five little things that made me happy… definitely a fun way to recap the week and  and stay grateful!

The Amateur Librarian // H54F The Amateur Librarian // H54F

1 – Sarah’s wedding.  First off, isn’t the bouquet beautiful?  Sarah MADE all the flowers by hand!  Those roses are dyed coffee filters, believe it or not.  The wedding itself was beautiful, and I loved being a part of it all with my best friend from way, way back.

2 – Family.  It was awesome to hang out with my favorite people, although it passed all too quickly.

3 – Long Lost Friends.  I hate that we both have chronic illness in common, but it was great to catch up with my childhood friend Amanda.

4 – Upgrade!  The new iPhone 5S came out, which means I get to upgrade to Sam’s old phone.  Now I just have to find a really cute case…

5 – Back home with Sam and the cats.  I can’t say it was fun to go back to work and catch up on a week’s worth of emails on top of a system change that has everyone scrambling… but at least I’m back with my hubby and my favorite felines.

I’m linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for H54F!


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