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3rd Annual National Picture Book Month

It’s that time of year again… time for me to remember that we’re already (more than) halfway through November, and once upon a time I used to be much more tuned into the world of children’s literature.  But even though I’m no longer a school librarian, I still love picture books… and of course you don’t need to have children or work in a library to celebrate Picture Book Month!


The official website has lots of great resources, including a calendar for daily ideas.  I cherry picked a few themes to focus on my very favorite children’s books (see my Picture Book Month page for past years).

The Amateur Librarian // National Picture Book Month


Sweet Potato Pie, written by Kathleen Lindsey and illustrated by Charlotte Riley-Webb

he Amateur Librarian // National Picture Book Month

I remember my Children’s Lit teacher in college sharing this book with us when the author visited MSU.  I’ll never forget Mrs. Lindsey’s talk about her experience writing a children’s book for the first time – mostly, it still sticks in my mind that she bought one of those “How to Write a Children’s Book for Dummies” books and that’s how she found her agent!  This is a sweet book about a family during the Depression-era working together to sell sweet potato pies and entering the recipe to the county fair.


Foul Facts History: The Awful Truth, written by Amber Grayson and illustrated by Mike Phillips

he Amateur Librarian // National Picture Book Month

I love trivia, and this big illustrated book is especially intriguing.  Lots of gross-out facts, but also genuinely interesting.  Fascinating stuff and easy to flip through, which is my favorite type of history book.


Kevin Henkes

he Amateur Librarian // National Picture Book Month

Whenever I think of mice, I automatically think of author/illustrator Kevin Henkes and all his characters… Chrysanthemum and her lovely name, Owen and his beloved blanket, Lily and her plastic purse, Wemberly and her worries.  The illustrations are great (especially those little facial expressions) and I love the stories too – realistic yet funny and sweet.  (Way back in the beginning of this blog, when I was teaching in the library, I blogged about Julius, the Baby of the World, written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes)


King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub, written by Audrey Wood and illustrated by Don Wood

he Amateur Librarian // National Picture Book Month

“King Bidgood’s in the bath tub, and he won’t get out!”  I can still remember chanting that sentence during read-alouds in the library.  I’m cheating because I’ve already mentioned this book, but it’s just so much fun.


Look at my Book: How Kids Can Write and Illustrate Terrific Books, written and illustrated by Loreen Leedy

he Amateur Librarian // National Picture Book Month

Leedy is great at explaining projects really clearly… I always looked out for her nonfiction books when I needed something topical in the library!  Lots of fun ideas for writing and creating your own books – I actually bought this book for myself for inspiration!


Stellaluna, written and illustrated by Janell Cannon

he Amateur Librarian // National Picture Book Month

A bat is NOT a bird, obviously, but Stellaluna is raised in a bird’s nest so this book always reminds me of birds.  Such a sweet story, and well-loved in every library because of all the great facts too!

Happy National Picture Book Month!  What’s your favorite picture book?

4 thoughts on “3rd Annual National Picture Book Month

  1. I teach Children’s Literature at MSU (though the “M” at my school stands for a different state)! 🙂 It is so good to see other people promoting the importance of lit for kids. My favorite picture book is impossible to choose, but WAY up on my list are Animalia and The Waterhole by Base–an Australian writer/illustrator.


  2. I -just- went to a school function earlier tonight and learned about National Picture Book Month, ha! I love it. My daughter`s favorite is Unlovable, and my favorites are all the Seredipty books (:


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