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Christmas Eve Reading

Merry Christmas Eve!  Every year I try to choose a new book for my Christmas collection. (OK, sometimes it’s more than one…)

Winter Lights: A Season in Poems and Quilts, by Anna Hines

The Amateur Librarian // Christmas Eve Reading

I’ve had my eye on this book for the past couple years, and I finally bit the bullet.  There are about 15 different poems, each accompanied by a quilt detail as illustration.  The quilts are really stunning, modern and colorful and abstract but evocative.  This picture book would be great in the classroom because it covers all the winter holidays, from Chanukah to winter solstice to Kwanzaa.  The book used to be available through Amazon but it must have gone out of print because this year I could only find it in used condition.  I’m glad I snapped it up for my collection!

Christmas Day in the Morning, written by Pearl S. Buck and illustrated by Mark Buehner

The Amateur Librarian // Christmas Eve Reading

So sometimes I can get carried away buying books… and this year was no exception.  I also added this lovely picture book to the pile.  This illustrations are beautifully cozy and capture the story perfectly.  I especially love all the details in the clouds and the animals scampering in the background.  I remember reading this short story several years ago and remembered the story vaguely, but I was touched all over again reading it this year.  The story is real and heartwarming, not sentimental at all but with a sweet message.  An excellent read aloud that I’m looking forward to bringing out every year.

So those are the books added to our collection for 2013.  Merry Christmas Eve!

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