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I’ve got some big news to share… I’ve been biting my tongue for quite some time now, but it’s finally official: we’re moving to Nashville, TN!


Hubby has accepted a job offer and we’ll be moving at the end of the month… yep, just two weeks away!  I’m sad to leave San Francisco but thrilled to begin a new adventure.

Of course a big change comes with lots of emotions… I’m excited, anxious, elated, and nervous all at once… excited for change, anxious about the logistics of the move, elated that we’ll be closer to family, nervous about starting all over again in a new city… but mostly, I’m glad that the waiting limbo part is over and we can finally start doing something.

How to get our stuff from here to there, where exactly we will be living, transferring all my medical stuff to new doctors, transitioning the cats to a new home, remembering how to drive again, etc. … and there’s never enough time, of course!  But one way or another, it will all happen.

The three years we’ve lived in San Francisco have been quite an experience… we’ve learned how to be adults on our own, away from family for the first time, and at the same time realized how very much we need and appreciate a support system and how lonely it can be to tackle grown-up problems by ourselves.  Technology and a five-hour flight are not quite the same as being within driving distance… so I’m thankful that we are finally moving toward the same coast as our friends and family again!

So that’s the big news… soon enough, I’ll be posting Nashville City Sights!


8 thoughts on “Big News

  1. How exciting!!! Different types of adventures, but you & Sam sure do find fun places to live! Maybe we’ll see you in NOLA again, since it won’t be quite so far out of the way 😉


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