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Meow Monday: To Grandmother’s House We Go

Saturday was a sad, difficult day.  We packed up the kitties and brought them to the airport for a trip to Mississippi.  We don’t have a place in Nashville yet,  so the cats are going to stay with Sam’s family until we’re settled.

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday

It was quite a hassle, including going to the wrong terminal, bringing the wrong kennels, and “upgrading” to priority for twice the cost.

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday

Everyone assumes Cora will be the problem child, but she was actually very calm and went with the flow.  Tali is the one who wouldn’t stop crying and pooing in her kennel… good thing we brought a whole pack of puppy pads with us!    I think it might be because we’ve had Cora since she was a kitten and she trusts us more, while Tali was already a couple years old when we adopted her and is always a bit skittish.

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday

Fortunately they made it safely to MS, although I’m sure they were thoroughly traumatized.  We have pictures and text updates that they’re doing fine and settling into their new temporary home!  The apartment is eerily quiet… it’s so weird not to have them scampering around.  I have to admit, it’s nice not to have to clean up messes and we have much more room to store moving boxes now that the litter boxes are out of the way.  But I sure do miss those little furry things!  Hopefully it will only be a couple weeks until we’re settled and can reunite.

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday

We’re in crunch time now… T minus 4 days until M Day!


4 thoughts on “Meow Monday: To Grandmother’s House We Go

  1. Hey Katie, I’m so happy the California Kitties are back:)  Did you send their blankies?  Or an old shirt from you and Sam will help them.  Anything that smells like their “Mom or Dad” so they will have your “smells” with them. It will help keep them calm.  I’m happy for you guys. Nashville is a great town & there is alwaws something to do.  Safe travels! Lyn

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