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Lessons from Living Out of a Suitcase

Our stuff has finally arrived – hip hip hooray!  The unpacking has officially commenced, although everything is definitely still chaotic around here.   I’m happy to have a closet full of clothes again, although I’ll be finding t-shirts that I used as padding in every box I open for days…

I realized that I learned a few things during my two (and a half) weeks of living out of a suitcase, mostly that I really don’t need as much stuff as I think I do.  So I made a list, of course!  I even have visual evidence thanks to my daily fashion diaries.  (Did I mention that I’m also a pro at procrastinating?)

Lessons I Learned from Living Out of a Suitcase:

1. Nude flats go with everything.

The Amateur Librarian // Lessons from Living out of a Suitcase

I actually packed a few pairs of shoes, but I ended up wearing my nude flats almost every single day.  They really do go with everything!  It’s making me re-think my whole “black or brown” shoe-buying philosophy.  (For the record, I prefer the term “nude” over beige, taupe, or flesh… because eww, flesh sounds gross!)

2. My natural color palette is grey/navy/tan.  

The Amateur Librarian // Lessons from Living out of a Suitcase

I didn’t plan on packing a specific color palette, but I ended up wearing a variation of grey or navy almost every day anyway.  It may make for boring fashion diaries, but it felt very “me” and was super easy to put an outfit together each morning when I had limited color options.

3. One delicate necklace is enough.

The Amateur Librarian // Lessons from Living out of a Suitcase

I have a ton of jewelry, and I even brought it with me in my carry-on suitcase, but I’ve only worn one necklace the entire time.  Since it’s on the dainty side it’s not a “statement piece” and goes with everything!

4. A solid cardigan is all I need.  

The Amateur Librarian // Lessons from Living out of a Suitcase

Navy blue for me, of course!  Cardigans are great, and I have a huge collection – but I really only need one in a solid color that goes with everything else I have to wear.  I have a bunch of printed cardigans, but I find myself turning to solid colors much more often, since I also wear a lot of patterned tops.  Why did it take me so long to catch on to this whole simplicity thing??

5.  Jeans last a while.

(No picture necessary, since I didn’t pack any other pants!)

I’ve never had a problem with wearing jeans a couple days in a row, but I’ve learned that they really look fine for days on end, up to  a week probably.  And come to think of it, a good pair of black pants for work lasts a few consecutive days in a row too.  I’m not exactly doing manual labor all day, so there’s really no point in washing them until they start losing their shape.  Another aha moment for me!

6. Put a scarf on it.  

The Amateur Librarian // Lessons from Living out of a Suitcase

I have a million scarves but I always end up throwing the same paisley print infinity scarf on – even if it doesn’t match perfectly, somehow it works!  I  probably would have worn it even more if it didn’t warm up for a few days last week.  Plus, when it’s cold outside my jacket is going to be buttoned anyway… so a cute scarf peeking out is the only thing anyone will see!

I’m hoping to take some of these lessons with me even when I’m not living out of a suitcase.  I guess there’s something to the “less is more” movement after all… I’m just slow on the uptake!

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