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Meow Monday: Tali’s Terrifying Adventure

I honestly couldn’t think of anything to say about the cats for today’s post… so I went digging through my drafts folder and found something I’d written but never published way back in July 2012, although the story is even older… from May 2011!  So I edited it a bit (sometimes stories about your cats don’t have to be quite so verbose, you know?) and dug up some old pics… here we go!

One story that I’ve never told on the blog in detail is about Tali’s Grand Adventure–but for poor sweet Tali it was more of a Terrifying Adventure.

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday

May 2011 was a stressful time for the humans—Sam had just left MS to start his first job in SF, I was finishing up the school year teaching, I was sick, and also trying to pack everything and settle all the details of moving in one month.  The cats were not adjusting well to the absence of their beloved Sam or the presence of all the boxes.  Especially Cora (of course) who took an especial dislike to the Master of Packing, also known as my mother.  Cora even expressed her displeasure one day while I was at work, and Mom had travelled from Alabama to help me pack, by glaring at my Mama straight in the eye and simultaneously urinating in a box full of unused packing paper.

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday

Basically, I knew the cats couldn’t stay in the house as we continued to pack and they continued to act out.  Sam’s family agreed to take both the cats while we finished up the process of moving, and ended up keeping them for the first six months until we could fly them to San Fran.  I felt like a terrible cat parent, but it was for the best.  Well… if I felt bad shipping them off, you can imagine how I felt when I found out that Tali had run away from her new home!

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday

Tali took the first opportunity of an open door, darted out, and Sam’s family spent the next few hours trying to corner her.  I came by after work and tried to help, but she had scooted away somehow.  I thought for sure she would stick close to the house and come back.  But she didn’t.

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday


She was gone ten days before she was captured and brought to the Humane Society, just two weeks from our moving date.  Sam’s Grandmother had been calling the shelter faithfully every single day since Tali’s disappearance, and had even gone out to inspect a different black cat that had been found, but finally it was really her.  When I drove out to the shelter with Sam’s grandmother, we peered hopefully into the cages of found animals.  The room was darkened, Tali had lost weight and was scuffed up from her days on the lam.  I had a panicky feeling that I couldn’t tell if this was my own cat, my own sweet Tali.  I had to look on my iPhone at recent pictures to compare them to her little face.  Again, I felt like a terrible cat parent.  But it was her!

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday


And that’s the story of Tali’s Terrifyingly Grand Adventure!

Of course, Tali’s troubles weren’t over yet.  We took her back to Sam’s family, and she lived peacefully but fearfully among all the other cats for six more months (Cora was not quite as peaceful or quiet).

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday

At Christmastime Sam and I arrived to bring her and Cora to California.  As soon as she heard our voices in the house, Tali recognized us and raced into the room.  She didn’t leave our sides all night, and I was so pleased that she remembered us.  She never forgot us, never wavered in her loyalty.  Sweet, sweet Tali!


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