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To Craft List: Updated!

Back in April, I shared a To Craft list of all the ideas swirling in my head… now it’s been a couple months, so it’s time for an update!

Some things I tackled, others faded from my head when something new grabbed me… as usual!  So I updated the original list with a couple new ideas that I’m currently working on, and even a teeny tiny finished project that I forgot to blog about.  (If I never took a picture then it never really happened, right?! Right.)

On to the list!

To Craft:

  • Biscornu

Still on the list.  I have the pattern and the supplies… I think I even have the fabric, floss, and buttons set aside somewhere… but I haven’t started yet.  I started thinking that maybe I need to invest in a couple more Q-snaps so I can have a few projects going at once, but actually… no, that’s the last thing I need, ha!  I should be trying to keep my works-in-progress to a minimum so they actually get finished!  Eventually I will get to this, because biscornus are so cool (and fun to say!).

(I bought this exact pattern from Satsuma Street and she has a tutorial on her blog for putting it together!)

  • House quilt.The Amateur Librarian // Hillside Houses Quilt
Yes!  I can happily cross this off the list – and there’s a blog post to prove it!  My house quilt is hanging in the living room and I love it.  Actually, I started making a mini version too, so here’s a peek of the layout and up on the “design wall”:
The Amateur Librarian // To Craft List Update
The Amateur Librarian // To Craft List Update
I just need to finish up the quilting and then I’ll do a post about it. (“Design Wall” deserves air quotes because it’s just a scrap of batting thumb tacked to the wall but one of these days I hope to make something better!)

  • Jelly Roll Race quilt.The Amateur Librarian // One Jelly Roll Race = Two Baby Quilts

Another yes!  Although it didn’t turn out quite how I expected… here’s the blog post explaining how I made the top and then decided I didn’t like it, so I sliced it up and made two baby quilts instead (one Rail Fence and one Chinese Coins).  I kept one and gave one to my BFF when she got married.

  • Strippy Table Runner.The Amateur Librarian // Strippy Table Runner

Yes!  Another wedding present for my BFF, in MSU colors since all of us share the same alma mater.  (Here’s the blog post for more details)

  • Mermaid Cross Stitch.The Amateur Librarian // To Craft List Update

Started!  I pick this one up when I’m not working on the Once Upon a Time or Quilty Stitches samplers… so almost never.  But I still plan to use the finished product in another mini quilt to add to my nautical mini collection.

  • Hoop Art.

Nope.  Maybe some day… But I realized I already have a ton of extra art hanging around, so I probably don’t need to add to the piles!

And now for a few new additions to the list!

  • Flying Geese

The Amateur Librarian // To Craft List Update

The Amateur Librarian // To Craft List Update
The Amateur Librarian // To Craft List Update
The Amateur Librarian // To Craft List Update
I’ve been obsessed with flying geese lately, and after seeing this block through another blogger’s bee challenge, I decided to give it a whirl!  Trying to decide now if I should add more blocks (I made enough for 4 more) or leave it at that with a big solid border for a baby quilt.  So these blocks are sitting on the design wall while I ponder.

  • Michael Miller fabric challenge

I recently joined the Music City Modern Quilt Guild, and they’re participating in the Michael Miller fabric challenge, so I got a little pack of fat-eighths to play with.  I want to try to use what I have, so I’ll probably make a mini quilt of some sort.  Here’s a couple pics of what I started working on:

The Amateur Librarian // To Craft List Update


The Amateur Librarian // To Craft List Update


The Amateur Librarian // To Craft List Update


The Amateur Librarian // To Craft List Update

  • Craft Room

This falls under crafts, right?? I have lots of thoughts but I don’t quite know where to start.  It’s not a huge space, but it’s so nice to have a little room that’s not smack in the middle of the living room to house all my crafty stuff. I definitely want to make a bigger and better design wall, find a better organization system for my craft stuff and the closet in general, and put up some kind of art.  I’m thinking I might bring the bakers twine clothesline back, but maybe hang my mini quilt collection instead of photos.  And for over the sewing table, I found this cute Coke crate at a local antique store and I think it’ll be great for thread storage.

The Amateur Librarian // To Craft List Update

Definitely a work in progress!

  • WIPs
I unearthed a few quilt tops that never became quilts – this Disappearing Nine Patch which was one of my very first quilts, the Moving on Up Piece by Piece top that I made in San Francisco, this tree skirt that I’ve been trying to finish since 2010, and now the Mini Houses quilt top has been added to the list.  I need to make a big trip to the fabric store for more batting and quilt backing and power through the pile… it’s not a huge stack so hopefully it’s still manageable.
And a finish!  A little needlebook kit came with one of my Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine issues, so in the days before starting my new job I spent a couple hours with the teeny tiny hexis and put it together.  Somehow I never blogged about it, so here it is!
The Amateur Librarian // To Craft List Update
The Amateur Librarian // To Craft List Update
The Amateur Librarian // To Craft List Update

And that’s all for this update!  Does anybody else have too many ideas and too little time?

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