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Meow Monday: Kneady Kitties

Here’s a blast from the past… I dug up this video clip from deep in my drafts folder… and I have no idea why it was sitting there all by its lonesome!

I wrote this in 2012 when we were still in San Francisco:

Cora has mellowed quite a bit over the past couple years, but she’s not always very affectionate.  She doesn’t like a lot of touching, and she’s only recently (within the past couple months) started purring.  She rarely starts kneading and preparing to nap beside us, so… that’s why I felt it was worthy of video.  Yep, I’m that kind of cat lady.

She tenses up in the first few seconds because Tali comes into the room.  Don’t worry, Tali gets a cameo!

I love how big Cora’s paws get when she flexes her nails!  I think it’s so cute!

And here’s Tali getting cozy and kneady, too.


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