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The 4th Blogiversary

The 16th will mark my fourth blogiversary… wow!  In the past four years I’ve blogged about being a school librarian, my health saga, moving to San Francisco, lots of cat stories, and now moving to Tennessee.  What a journey!  It’s been so much fun to keep up a blog this whole time with lots of adventures to look back on.

Speaking of which… I’m still keeping up my archives, so feel free to visit my Craft Chat tab, Fashion Diaries, Reading Log, or City Sights... plus a few more!

The Amateur Librarian

Just for fun, how about another survey?  I have to admit that this blogiversary snuck up on me, so I didn’t put together any prizes… but here are a few questions just for fun!  Answer them if you wish, no problem if you don’t…. you’ll only have my eternal love and gratitude if you do, no biggie!

Thanks so much for reading!!!!!

 Thanks for playing along… and Cheers to many more years 🙂

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