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Nashville City Sights: Wizard World Convention

This past weekend my company had a booth at the Wizard World Comic Con in Nashville. It was a looong weekend but so much fun!  I didn’t take too many pictures since I was mostly working, but of course I couldn’t resist a few. Is it weird that my favorite moments were meeting a couple… Continue reading Nashville City Sights: Wizard World Convention

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Meow Monday: Cats of Instagram, Part Sixteen

I had a crazy weekend working a booth at the Nashville Wizard World con for work – fun by exhausting!  I’m taking today off to recuperate, so here’s another Instagram update! This batch is from May and June… you can tell from the Once Upon a Time sampler progress!            … Continue reading Meow Monday: Cats of Instagram, Part Sixteen

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High Five for Friday!

High Five for Friday! I’m sharing the highlights of my week… five to be exact!  I love the idea of focusing on five little things that made me happy… definitely a fun way to recap the week and  and stay grateful. 1 – Bookmarks. I made bookmarks using the mini cross stitches from last weekend, and… Continue reading High Five for Friday!

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Project Pinterest: Cross Stitch Bookmarks

Another successful Pinterest project… I’m on a roll this week! I saw the very cutest bookmarks EVER from Hey Porkchop using her Frosted Pumpkin mini patterns and started trolling Pinterest for a tutorial… but I couldn’t find any that I liked at all. Most “cross stitch bookmarks” look pretty old fashioned, and that’s not the… Continue reading Project Pinterest: Cross Stitch Bookmarks

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Project Pinterest: Jacket to Vest Refashion

It’s officially Fall!  We’ve had some mildly chilly weather lately and I’m looking forward to more layers and more Fall weather to come!   My Style board on Pinterest is full of vests lately – here are a few of my favorites:       So I’ve been on the hunt for a vest, but… Continue reading Project Pinterest: Jacket to Vest Refashion

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The Lost Reading Logs: August 2010

No Meow Monday this morning…. the cats slept through another week and didn’t do anything blog-worthy. Instead, another Lost Reading Log! I’ve been keeping a Reading Log since late 2008.  And when I started trying to organize all those Reading Logs in the blog archives, I realized I was pretty inconsistent about sharing them.  There… Continue reading The Lost Reading Logs: August 2010

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Finally Finished: Fractured Fish Quilt

Another finish from the WIP pile… woohoo!  Remember this quilt top?  It was one of my very first projects in 2011 when I first started blogging.  I hadn’t quite yet found the online quilting community, but I found this fractured nine patch pattern online and was determined to make a quilt all by myself. I… Continue reading Finally Finished: Fractured Fish Quilt