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High Five for Friday!

High Five for Friday!

I’m sharing the highlights of my week… five to be exact!  I love the idea of focusing on five little things that made me happy… definitely a fun way to recap the week and  and stay grateful.

The Amateur Librarian // H54FThe Amateur Librarian // H54F

1 – Plaid Weather. So ready for Fall weather and more plaid!  We’ve had some cozy rain this week that I didn’t mind at all… because when it’s sunny, it’s still 80 degrees.
2 – Autumn Harvest Party Sampler. Finally got started on the new sampler – and surprise surprise, I love it!
3 – Serial. NPR’s This American Life just started a new spinoff podcast called Serial – it’s one story told over 12 episodes instead of a couple stories told in one hour – and so far it’s super interesting. Love having something new to listen to while I walk.
4 – Wrinkle in Time. Instead of re-reading A Wrinkle in Time for the upteenth time for the Nerdbery Challenge, I decided to try out the graphic novelization – and it’s really good! It’s fun to visualize the story in a new way.
5 – Weekend. (Random pic of the cats for funsies – you’re welcome!) This work week was pretty crazy… so even though it hasn’t happened yet, I’m definitely looking forward to this weekend. My parents will be in town, there’s a festival going on in downtown Franklin, and I also hope to check out the Southern Festival of Books in downtown Nashville. Three cheers for the weekend!


I’m linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for H54F!


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