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Short Lists: Want to Read vs. Should Read

You know what I miss? Book chat! So here are a couple short lists.
There are a lot of books out there, and never enough time to read them all.
Right now I want to read: 
Lena Dunham’s new book.
The Amateur Librarian // Book Chat
I always like a controversial feminist, and after reading a few of Lena Dunham’s pieces in The New Yorker, I’m convinced that she’s an honest-to-goodness actually good writer (shocking, I know, since she also writes/directs/stars in her own show). Plus, it’s fun to be in on the cultural conversation.
The latest book by Liane Moriarty.
The Amateur Librarian // Book Chat
I read What Alice Forgot this past summer and loved it… and I’ve heard really good things about this one too.  I really want to get lost in another can’t-put-it-down book.
The last book in the Magician trilogy by Lev Grossman.
The Amateur Librarian // Book Chat
The Magician’s Land is the last in the trilogy, I’ve had the book in hand for a couple weeks (and it was signed by the author) but… I really want to savor it so I’ve been waiting for the right time to start reading.
Girl’s Gone Child’s book, Rockabye.
The Amateur Librarian // Book Chat
I was somewhat aware of the Girl’s Gone Child blog for the past few years but didn’t read it regularly, but lately it’s really been speaking to me. She’s an old-school thoughts-and-feelings blogger, who doesn’t mess around with crafts or photo booths or home decor, which is kind of refreshing while all the other professional bloggers are looking more and more like picture-perfect magazines. Her book came out quite a few years ago now (2008), but lately I’ve been thinking about picking it up. I don’t have a great track record with enjoying books by bloggers, but this bee in my bonnet probably won’t go away until I read it.
Right now I should read:
Piles of Newbery books.
The Amateur Librarian // Book Chat
I’m trying to go about the Nerdbery challenge as cheaply and non-stressfully as possible – so most of the books I’ve accumulated have come from, Kindle Unlimited, or library books. But now I’ve got piles all around and they’re constantly calling my name…
Speaking of library books… there are piles of those too.
The Amateur Librarian // Book Chat
With due dates.  I can never leave with just one or two books.
Here is Where by Andrew Carroll.
The Amateur Librarian // Book Chat
Remember Blogging for Books? Yeah, I got two books in and then got stuck on one. It’s interesting but it’s super long and I couldn’t get the ebook on the Kindle so I usually forget to look at my Overdrive app to keep reading.  Excuses, excuses… a couple months in, I should really just power through and finish it… but… did I mention all those other books that I want to read right now?
Book problems are the best problems 🙂

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