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Fair Isle Sew-Along: Week Seven

It’s been so much fun to join in on Freshly Pieced‘s Fair Isle Sew-Along! I love the pattern but it’s a bit intimidating and bigger than what I usually make… which is why I jumped at the chance to make it along with lots of others for tips and motivation.  Each week will tackle one row of the quilt, and in eight weeks I should have a completed quilt (cross your fingers, knock on wood, pinky swear, etc.) … here we go!

The Amateur Librarian // Fair Isle Quilt

Week Seven: Assemble Quilt

The Amateur Librarian // Fair Isle Quilt

I’m doing things a bit differently to finish up this quilt. Instead of assembling the top (which is what everyone else is doing this week), I’m going to do QAYG (Quilt As You Go) blocks, then join them together with sashing. I learned this technique from Crazy Shortcut Quilts by Marguerita McManus, and I made this quilt in 2012. It will definitely make the quilting more manageable to do it in small pieces, especially since I’ve never made a quilt this big before.

The Amateur Librarian // Fair Isle Quilt



The Amateur Librarian // Fair Isle Quilt


The Amateur Librarian // Fair Isle Quilt

I started prepping the blocks, but I had a lot of other sewing-related deadlines last weekend so I didn’t get as far as I wanted. The backing and batting squares are cut, so next week I’ll work on basting, quilting, sashing, and binding… at least, that’s the plan.

And now for Week 8 – quilting and finishing! It will probably take me another couple weekends to actually finish, but I’m excited that I’ve made it this far! Here’s hoping I’ll actually have a quilt in time for Christmas.  We’ll see how it goes… stay tuned for another update next week!

If you missed any of the previous weeks, here are the blocks done so far:

Week 1: Cutting

Week 2: Poinsettias

Week 3: Fir Trees

Week 4: Zig Zag row

Week 5: Reindeer

Week 6: Checkerboard row


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