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I have to admit, it’s nice to have Wednesdays freed up for something over than WIWW… and I’m getting out the door much quicker in the mornings now that I’m not taking pics of all my outfits! I still haven’t decided if I want to participate in another link-up (like WIP Wednesday) or something like Wordless Wednesday… or if I’d rather have the freedom to post whatever I want instead of sticking to a schedule.
For now, though, I think I just want to chat about books and what I’m reading right now. I always pick up a few new books around the holidays, and in January I want to read all. the. books! Just like my crafty life right now, I’m a bit all over the place. Once I finish this batch, I’ll probably slow down again to one book at breakfast and one book on my Kindle. But it’s fun to dabble!
Here’s what I’m reading right now…
…Breakfast Book…
The View from Saturday, by E.L. Konigsburg
The Amateur Librarian // January 2015 Reading Log
I stepped back from Newbery books during December, but I’m back at it. I remember this cover so clearly in my elementary school library, but for some reason I never picked it up. So far, I’m liking it even more than From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler! I read a few pages at a time while I eat breakfast every morning, and it’s my favorite way to start the day.
…On the Kindle…
Fingersmith, by Sarah Waters
The Amateur Librarian // December 2014 Reading Log
Obsessed is probably an accurate word for how I feel about this book. I’m nearing the end and I still have no idea what is going to happen next… so many twists and turns! It’s like a Victorian Gone Girl, full of mesmerizing characters and dark schemes. I can’t get enough.
A Fatal Grace, by Louise Penny
The Amateur Librarian // December 2014 Reading Log
This is on the back burner until I finish Fingersmith, but then I’m jumping right back into it. I love the quaint Canadian town where each mystery takes place, and there’s something comforting about “cozy mysteries” this time of year.
Herland, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
The Amateur Librarian // December 2014 Reading Log
Each week the Craftlit podcast comes out with a new episode and another chapter of Herland… along with lots of interesting background info, listener questions and feedback, and the crafty adventures of the host. I love the book club feel, and definitely look forward to new chapters every week, either listening in the car or while I sew/cross stitch. It’s a great satirical story so far, of three men in the early 1900’s who discover a utopia of women… and what they make of it.
I’m definitely looking forward to listening to some of the back episodes eventually, since there are almost 10 years’ worth of books from the public domain… wow!
…After Hours…
Twelve Recipes, by Cal Peternell
The Amateur Librarian // December 2014 Reading Log
I love memoirs and I love reading about food… even if I don’t actually cook it that often… so chatty cookbooks are my favorite, of course! I heard about this on Splendid Kitchen (another favorite podcast) and put it on my Christmas wish list. The recipes are basics with endless variations, but what I like the most is the relaxed vibe of a family kitchen, without too much fuss over exact instructions. Fun reading for snuggling on the couch with a cat or too after work.
A Month of Sundays, by Cheryl Arkison
The Amateur Librarian // January 2015 Reading Log
Instead of food, insert the word “quilts” into my thoughts about the cookbook above and that’s exactly what I like about this book too. I usually favor more projects over more chitchat when it comes to crafty books, but I love the mix of simple recipes, stories, and non-quilting projects in this one. Also fun to read on the couch with the cats, daydreaming of future quilts!

What are you reading right now?


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