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Are people still talking about resolutions, now that we’re halfway through January? (And how did that happen already?)
I always hesitate to make long lists of resolutions for the new year when it comes to life changes… maybe because I know I can’t keep most of them, so it’s easier to strive for goals throughout the year instead of feeling pressure to change everything at once in January. But when it comes to reading and crafting, I have no such qualms… the longer the list the better! So here are a few resolutions that have been swirling in my mind lately…
…Reading Resolutions…
  • Continue the Newbery Challenge! I slacked off a bit in December, but I still have stacks of Newbery winners sitting around the house and on my Kindle, so I want to keep chugging along.
  • Ban on Kindle impulse buys… until I read the ones I’ve already bought! Those $1.99 sales get me in trouble…
  • In that vein… read more of the unread books on my shelves, too. I’m not quite ready to put another ban on buying ANY new books… but I want to make a concentrated effort to read what I already own.
  • Read more varied genres. I usually stay in my comfort zone of memoirs, YA and Children’s Lit… but I want to try to read more nonfiction, classics, unfamiliar subjects, maybe some more mysteries…
… Craft Resolutions…
  • Start a new yearlong project… I finally decided on one, the Woodlands Creatures sampler from guess who… Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, of course! My goal is to update monthly like I did with the Once Upon a Time project. I love their 2015 mystery sampler, all about literature, but it seems very similar to the fairy tales so I’m going to keep an eye on it to see if I want to start it later in the year.
  • Finish a needlework project in some way other than framing. Not sure exactly how yet, but perhaps using needlework in a quilt, or making it into a pillow, or something like that… I’m running out of wall space!
  • Speaking of which… I want to make a collage wall of cross stitch, to get all my projects into a finished condition and displayed together.
  • Make more home decor pieces. I loved the long, skinny patchwork tree table runner on the breakfast bar during the holiday season (and so did Cora) so I’d like to make more things like that. It’s nice to have handmade touches around the house.
  • Dabble more. I was pretty heavily into cross stitch in 2014, but this year I’d like to dabble in other crafts again too… maybe make something with my new knitting loom, or actual knitting again, more quilts, more drawing/painting… so many possibilities!
  • Finish WIPs before starting new projects!! I’m trying to work one project at a time, from start to finish. Not sure if I can pull it off, but I definitely feel more focused when I don’t have a million half-finished projects everywhere.

And that’s it for the resolutions! We’ll see how it goes in 2015.

And on that note… how about a fun flipagram with all the crafty projects completed in 2014?




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