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Nashville City Sights: WWE Wrestling

Hubby’s recent hobby has been watching WWE wrestling… I think it started as part joke, part nostalgia, but the enjoyment is real. So when WWE Raw came to Nashville… so did we. Quite an interesting show! I didn’t know what to expect, and our seats were pretty terrible, but it was a lot of fun.… Continue reading Nashville City Sights: WWE Wrestling

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Woodland Creatures Cross Stitch: February

I’m working on another yearlong cross stitch project (see last year’s Once Upon a Time sampler here) but this one is a bit more laid back since it’s an older pattern and I don’t have to wait for the mystery blocks to be revealed each month. I love Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery’s Woodland Creatures sampler, it… Continue reading Woodland Creatures Cross Stitch: February

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Meow Monday: Snow Days

The ice finally melted over the weekend and the temps are back to normal-cold, but the cats enjoyed the days of snow and ice while they lasted. Plenty of staring out the window…       Napping on the couch…   Assisting in the sewing room…         And plenty of lounging around,… Continue reading Meow Monday: Snow Days

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Nashville City Sights: James K. Polk Home

While my parents visited last weekend, we stopped by the James K. Polk home on our way to visit family in the area. I honestly barely remembered anything about the 11th president from history class, but we enjoyed a quick guided tour of his parents’ house, kitchen, and gardens. It was a fun stop in… Continue reading Nashville City Sights: James K. Polk Home

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Meow Monday: Grandcats

My parents visited for another infusion and stayed over for the weekend too. We had a fun couple days hanging out, checking out the James K. Polk home, visiting family… more on that tomorrow! The grandcats reacted in the usual ways to having visitors… Tali loved the extra attention and upped the affection, and Cora… Continue reading Meow Monday: Grandcats