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One Year Later

On February 28 of last year, our San Francisco apartment was packed up and we started the journey to Tennessee.
What I remember most about that day was the mix of anxiety and excitement swirling together. While we were waiting (and waiting) for the movers to arrive, I took one last walk around the neighborhood and tried to process everything. I tend to focus on the task at hand, and not so much the processing part… so I don’t even remember feeling particularly sad or excited, but mostly just anxious to get the show on the road.
The Amateur Librarian // One Year Later
The Amateur Librarian // One Year Later
The Amateur Librarian // One Year Later
A number of things threatened to make the whole day difficult…
  • The construction by our apartment building blocked the street parking.
  • The weather was rainy and gloomy.
  • The moving company was running late and didn’t have the correct address to pick up a couch from storage.
  • We didn’t have an exact destination for our stuff, since we didn’t have an apartment in TN yet.
But then…
  • The construction work shut down due to the rain, leaving an empty street with plentiful parking.
  • The sun came out.
  • The moving truck arrived and found a parking space right in front of our building.
  • Three weeks later, we had an address and we had our stuff.
Somehow, everything worked out the best possible way in the end. How’s that for a metaphor for life?
One year later, I’m so happy to be here. I like my job, our apartment, our new city. I feel like I plugged into the community a lot faster this time around, and I feel like we’re in a place with a lot of opportunities still to come,. A lot of that comes from living closer to family and friends again, which is the best part of our move.
The Amateur Librarian // One Year Later
The Amateur Librarian // One Year Later
The Amateur Librarian // One Year Later
Today I’m getting another routine colonoscopy. The prep is never fun, and there’s always anxiety centered around the question: Am I sick again? But I’m feeling the best I have in a long time, and 2014 was an entirely pain-free year which feels like a small miracle. I don’t really dwell on my chronic illness much these days, mostly because I have the luxury of feeling pretty “normal” with the exception of regular infusions. I guess this post is my way of reflecting on where I am in life right now… and I’m happy to be here!
The Amateur Librarian // One Year Later

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