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Blogging for Books Review: Mequilibrium

Remember once upon a time when I used to do occasional Monday morning book reviews? I’m back at it! Check out past reviews here, or my reading logs since 2008 here.
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MeQuilibrium: 14 Days to Cooler, Calmer, and Happier by Jan Bruce, Andrew Shatte, and Adam Perlman
The Amateur Librarian // Book Review: Mequilibrium
I’m on a bit of a self-help kick these days… only a few months late for the new year, ha! I picked this one out to review for Blogging for Books, and started reading Gretchin Rubin’s Happier at Home around the same time. These two books actually complement each other pretty well, with lots of research-based ideas for enjoying this imperfect life.
Stress is a part of every day, and it isn’t going away, but how we react to stress can help make life easier. Mequilibrium presents 14 days’ worth of strategies which breaks down the program of effectively dealing with stress. For me, the most helpful aspects were about identifying emotions, common stressors, getting unstuck, and “iceberg” beliefs that cause stress.
Life being what it is, I got plenty of practice with these tips! It really did help to shift my thinking when something stressful came up, to analyze why it happened and how best to react to it. Or as the doctors put it, “trap, map, and zap the negative intruders.” Self-help language can be a bit gimmicky, but the research behind it helped to flesh out the ideas. There are some good examples of real life people who completed the program, although I wish there were more. I think my biggest takeaway, other than practical ways to handle stress, is that having perspective can change my whole outlook. Making connections to the wider world giving a sense of purpose to even the drudgery of everyday life can make more stress more manageable.
The best thing I can say about this book is that there were enough useful ideas that I could apply to real life without a lot of effort. And with a busy, stressful life, simple and effective is the way to go!
***I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.***

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