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30-Minute Tilapia

Blogging confession: When I’m making dinner, I look up recipes from my own blog instead of digging through my recipe notebook when I need a quick refresher. I’m surprised this one hasn’t already been blogged, since it’s my go-to fish dish ever since I asked my Mom what she does with tilapia and wrote it down some time in college (in purple pen, of course). It’s so super-duper simple that it hardly feels like a recipe at all – it’s basically a seasoning. But I’ve been eating it a lot lately – it’s just as easy to make for one, two, or a crowd – and this weekend I actually took pictures.
Without further ado: 30 Minute Tilapia
 The Amateur Librarian // 30-Minute Tilapia
  • 1 Tilapia filet per person (or other white fish)
  • Italian bread crumbs
  • Asiago cheese blend
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Optional – herb de provence, basil, etc.
The Amateur Librarian // 30-Minute Tilapia
Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees (if you’re using a frozen filet, you can let it thaw out in the oven while it pre-heats). Add all other ingredients to taste.
The Amateur Librarian // 30-Minute Tilapia
Bake for 20-30 minutes. If you only have one filet, 20 minutes should be fine, for two or more it will be closer to 30 minutes.
The Amateur Librarian // 30-Minute Tilapia
The Amateur Librarian // 30-Minute Tilapia
That’s it! I usually have everything on hand but it’s endlessly customizable for a quick weeknight dinner – or, you know, a Sunday night when hubby doesn’t want to leave the couch because WWE Wrestlemania is on TV. #truestory 😉

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