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After hibernating all winter and hardly leaving the house, it’s finally springtime and I’m savoring the sunshine whenever I can.  Life seems to be picking up speed as we move closer to summer, but as usual I can’t seem to stick to one book at a time and have several laying around for spare moments of reading time. The last couple weeks have been full of April showers, so I’ve spent time in the best of both worlds – reading outside with the sun on my legs, and cozy reading in bed while it rains all night.
Whether it’s sunny or rainy, here’s a peek at what I’m reading right now…
…Breakfast Book…
My Real Children, by Jo Walton
The Amateur Librarian // April 2015 Reading Log
I loved Jo Walton’s strange novel Among Others for its precarious mix of science fiction and reality, and this one has a similar feel. I just started reading a couple days ago, and I’m delving in slowly each morning between quick bites of breakfast. An elderly woman in a nursing home has somehow led two parallel lives – in one, she’s unhappily married but the world progresses as we know it; in the other, she pursues a career and relationship of her own choosing, but alternate events lead to worldwide chaos. I can’t wait to see where this one goes…
…On the Kindle…
Stress Proof Your Life, by Elisabeth Wilson
The Amateur Librarian // April 2015 Reading Log
I picked up this ebook as a freebie a while ago (sorry, no longer free), and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how helpful the tips are so far. Very light reading, perfect for quick moments of reading while waiting in line or riding in the car.
The Woman in White, by Wilkie Collins
The Amateur Librarian // March 2015 Reading Log
I’m a big fan of the Craftlit podcast, and I went back in the archives to listen to this Victorian mystery without having to wait week by week for each new chapter. I almost wish I had a longer commute so I could listen to more each day! It’s also great listening while I’m sewing or cross stitching. By way of the “book club” aspect of the podcast, I’ve learned all about the author and how this serial was so groundbreaking for the mystery genre and procedurals of modern day… interesting stuff!
…After Hours…
Twelve Recipes, by Cal Peternell
The Amateur Librarian // December 2014 Reading Log
Chatty cookbooks are my favorite, and at the end of a long day there’s nothing more relaxing than reading about food… so relaxing, in fact, that I can only read a few pages at a time before I’m falling asleep, ha! I love the rustic American style of the chef Cal Peternell and his family.

The Cruelest Month, by Louise Penny
The Amateur Librarian // April 2015 Reading Log
When I’m feeling more alert at night and actually have the capacity to read something that requires some attention, I turn to Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and the residents of Three Pines, Quebec… I’m slowly reading through this series (this is book 3 of 10) from the library.
…Every Other Moment…
The Best of Everything, by Rona Jaffe
The Amateur Librarian // April 2015 Reading Log
Any other spare moment, perhaps in the car for a long drive… this is it. This tale of four working girls in New York City in the 50’s, pre-Sex and the City, is really fun. (I’ve got to see the Joan Crawford movie when I’m done!) Totally absorbing too, so I try to save it for times when I have a longer stretch to read.

What are you reading right now?

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