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I find that my reading life often mirrors whatever else is going on – when life is crazy-busy-hectic, I have a million half-read books laying around and keep picking up (and putting down) more books left and right. When the pace slows down to the speed limit, so does my reading. Right now, I’m somewhat in between – I finished up a big batch of books and now that my brain and life are feeling a bit more settled (finding a house helped!), I find myself concentrating on just a few books.
As usual, I still have trouble sticking to one book at a time, and of course my To-Read List is still a mile long!
Here’s a look at what I’m Reading Right Now… and what I want to read next!
…Breakfast Book…
The Book of Strange New Things, by Michel Faber
The Amateur Librarian // May 2015 Reading Log
I loved reading The Crimson Petal and the White in college, but I haven’t read anything else by Michel Faber until this book. When I heard it was about a preacher in the near-future traveling to a distant planet to minister to the native aliens, while his wife stays on an increasingly chaotic Earth, I was already hooked. Reading this in small chunks at breakfast each morning is a bit excruciating because I always want to read more than I have time for, but that’s a good sign!
…On the Kindle…
Seraphina, by Rachel Hartman
The Amateur Librarian // April 2015 Reading Log
Normally I don’t gravitate toward fantasy when I’m looking for something new, but this one has been really fun to read. It’s YA with a strong female protagonist, dragons, and plenty of world building.  It’s a fun escape when I have a few minutes to read on my phone (doctor offices are the best time, especially if the wifi is spotty).
…After Hours…
The Cruelest Month, by Louise Penny
The Amateur Librarian // April 2015 Reading Log
I have to admit, this one has been slow going. In an ideal world, I would go to bed with plenty of time to read a few chapters every night… but we all know the world is not ideal, and I’m usually too tired to read at the end of the day. But I really enjoy this series, so I haven’t given up yet.
…To Read…
Station 11, by Emily St. John Mandel
The Amateur Librarian // May 2015 Reading Log
After this book got the Colbert bump in the wake of the Amazon-Hachette feud, I’ve been seeing buzz all over the place. I just picked it up from the library and I’m excited to get started!
Better than Before, by Gretchin Rubin
The Amateur Librarian // May 2015 Reading Log
I love me some Gretchin Rubin… her unique brand of self-help is dear to my introvert heart. I received this book to review via Blogging for Books, so it’s next on the list.
One More Thing, by B.J. Novak
The Amateur Librarian // May 2015 Reading Log
I only know B.J. Novak through The Office, but his children’s book is making big waves and I’m intrigued by this short story collection.
As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride by Cary Elwes
The Amateur Librarian // May 2015 Reading Log
The title says it all! I’ve heard great things about this book, especially that the whole cast got along really well and  had a lot of fun throughout filming. I love imagining that, so I’ll probably love reading about it too!

What are you reading right now?


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