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#TBT: Timehop

I’m not promising that #tbt is going to be a regular thing, but these have been fun posts to write over the past few weeks! (For more #tbt, check out Polyvore and Chain Emails)

My favorite app for Throwback Thursdays has got to be Timehop. With the advent of Facebook around the time I started college, I’ve been active on various social media accounts for the past ten years or so. Timehop looks back into your accounts and reminds you of what you posted on that day in years past… and what it digs up can be hilarious, nostalgic, cringe-worthy… or all of the above. But the good news is that even though all those past pictures and tweets and statuses are available somewhere out there on the internets, you don’t have to bring them up to the surface again if you don’t feel like sharing (in fact, some days have prompted me to delete those less-than-flattering pictures that are still available on Facebook).  For the most part, it’s really funny to see what I posted and remember the ordinary days that I would have completely forgotten without the magic of social media.
With my birthday last week, there was a goldmine of material for #tbt… here are some of my favorites from the past few weeks!

The Amateur Librarian // #tbt Timehop


The Amateur Librarian // #tbt Timehop


The Amateur Librarian // #tbt Timehop


The Amateur Librarian // #tbt Timehop


The Amateur Librarian // #tbt Timehop


The Amateur Librarian // #tbt Timehop

And of course there are plenty of cute cat moments!

The Amateur Librarian // #tbt Timehop

Seriously, so cute!


Baby Cora!


Let the Timehop begin... baby Rochester! (We housed him for a couple weeks in college before he went to his new home)


Yet another #tbt - I can't help it!

Happy #tbt!


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