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Lazy Lunches for Adults

As I’ve mentioned before, we’re officially in Money Saving Mode now that we’re building a new house. Eating out is where most of our money goes, by far… and even though cooking at home and bringing lunch to work is the obvious solution, it’s a hard habit to break! I’ve been looking to Pinterest (of… Continue reading Lazy Lunches for Adults

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WIWW: Six Months Later

After three years of daily Fashion Diaries from 2012-2014, I quit documenting my outfits in 2015. Funny as it may sound, it was part of my life and felt pretty strange when I suddenly stopped. It’s been 6 months, so I thought I’d check in on life post-Fashion Diaries… It’s easier and quicker to get… Continue reading WIWW: Six Months Later

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Treat Yourself

I found a forgotten gift card… instead of spending it on groceries or eating out, I decided to treat myself to a bookstore visit. I love reading eBooks but there’s nothing like browsing a bookstore, amiright? Here’s the stack I came home with: … Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell I’ve actually read this one before as… Continue reading Treat Yourself

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Meow Monday: Neighborhood Girls

There’s a gang of little girls that roam around our neighborhood, giggling and shrieking and chattering a million miles a minute. If you cross paths with them, they’ll start a conversation but if something more interesting comes along (like a dog on a leash), then you’re old news and they’re off in a flash. The… Continue reading Meow Monday: Neighborhood Girls

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Reading Right Now

You know the drill… here’s a mid-month peek at what I’m Reading Right Now! …Breakfast Book… The Book of Strange New Things, by Michel Faber A month later, I’m still reading this one, but it’s so, so good! I’m really enjoying the realistic characters plopped in the midst of an out-of-this-world (literally!) plot. The native aliens… Continue reading Reading Right Now