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Meow Monday: Six Years

On June 13 we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary… time flies!

Cora joined our family a couple weeks after the wedding, an itty bitty kitten. Tali came along about a year later, and she was 2-3 years old when we took her home from the Humane Society. Even though Tali hasn’t been around quite as long, she’s ahead of the age game, so I’m calling it even & sharing six fun facts about the kitcats.

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday

Here are Six Things You Didn’t Know About…

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday


(1.) talks to hubby all the time, but she refuses to respond to me. I don’t know why!

(2.) enjoys talking to the birds from the window. She started chirping to the birds in San Francisco and continues here in TN…. I have no idea if she wants to be friends with the birds or eat them. Maybe both!

(3.) runs outside every time the door is left open too long, but never runs far and always waits for you to bring her back inside.

(4.) has been stuck in a tree, inside a neighbor’s locked house, and caught by animal control… all in the first couple years of her life.

(5.) sports 2 symmetrical white marks by her ears due to some ear mite medicine that changed the color of her fur where it was applied.

(6.) loves the leftover milk or yogurt from my breakfast each morning.


The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday


(1.) loves cat toys, and rarely plays with household items… she prefers tennis balls!

(2.) is very suspicious of people food and is never interested in table scraps.

(3.) has always been skittish, but in the past year or so has finally allowed us to pick her up. Lately I’ve been instigating more cuddling and I think she’s finally coming around!

(4.) appears black, but in the sunlight her fur is actually dark brown.

(5.) ran away for 10 days once… I hardly recognized her when she was finally caught by animal control, but I’m so glad we were reunited!

(6.) begs (loudly) for her meals… starting an hour or so before meal time, twice daily on the dot!

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday

I know it’s obvious but… love my two kitties!

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday




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