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High Five for Friday!

Another High Five for Friday! It’s not like this was a bad week… but it was busy and slipped by quickly, and come Thursday night I had a hard time coming up with any pics. So I’m leaning heavily on what I’ve been watching/listening/reading lately, hope you don’t mind!

The Amateur Librarian // H54F The Amateur Librarian // H54F


1 – Shop Hop. The monthly Music City MQG meetings are always a highlight, and this month’s field trip was no exception! It ws great to finally check out all the local quilt shops, build my stash, and come home with lots of inspiration.
2 – UnReal. This Lifetime show is my guiltiest pleasure this summer… it’s about the behind-the-scenes of a reality dating show, written by former producers on reality shows. It’s magnificent… soapy and dramatic, of course, but also dark and biting social commentary.
3 – Beach Flip. This is like comfort food on the TV – four teams renovate four beach houses on the Gulf Coast, with celebrity HGTV judges. Yum!
4 – Station 11. I was reading the paperback, but I couldn’t find enough time to get into it so I started listening to the audiobook during my commute. I find myself volunteering to run errands by myself just to keep listening… looking forward to a marathon session this weekend. I usually steer away from post-apocalyptic fiction, but this one is so, so good!
5 – Trainwreck.  I love Amy Schumer’s sketch show and this rom com was hilarious – definitely over the top raunchy too, but enough heart to make this a solid A.


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