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Nashville City Sights: CCFA Symposium (Again!)

Last November my parents drove up to attend the Nashville Patient Education Symposium hosted by Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA), and another program was hosted this past weekend. My mom was able to come along, which is always helpful to have another pair of ears to process the information. These education programs are always a good chance to catch up with the world of Crohn’s and see presentations by some of my doctors at Vanderbilt’s IBD Clinic. It’s good to see them outside of the doctor’s office… and a reminder that I’m getting really great care from the best in their field.
The Amateur Librarian // CCFA Education Program
Last November, I shared a few thoughts about life in remission, and it’s still true:
I’m in a stable remission these days, so it’s easy to forget the turmoil of the past few years when my health felt anything but stable… the symptoms, diagnosis, medications, surgeries, ostomy bag, infusions… it’s been a roller coaster at times. I’ve had to come to terms with the “chronic” part of Crohn’s, and I still deal with it every time I visit the doctor. But it was interesting to sit in the audience and learn more about it all, which is so different from sitting two feet away from my doctor in a tiny, uncomfortable room to talk about how my body is sabotaging itself. Lots of good information, mostly positive, and plenty of food for thought.
Deep remission is a good place to be in, and I’m starting to get excited about planning for the next few years, which is a success in itself since I used to feel like I would never again have the privilege of counting on good health. It’s still hard to let go of that feeling that everything could fall apart again, especially hearing from other patients who are in the thick of the disease and are struggling for remission, but I’m feeling hopeful after almost two years of good health. I’m lucky to have a great support system and doctors who know what they’re doing… there are no clear cut answers when it comes to health, but symposiums like the ones that CCFA hosts are a great place to start.
The Amateur Librarian // CCFA Nashville Symposium
Before and after the program, we spent the rest of our quick visit around home… cooked dinner in on Friday, stopped by the new neighborhood to see the progress on the new house, ate lots of free samples at Sam’s Club (we’re thinking of joining), and topped it off with dinner at Chuy’s.
The Amateur Librarian // CCFA Education Program
The Amateur Librarian // CCFA Education Program
The Amateur Librarian // CCFA Education Program
The Amateur Librarian // CCFA Education Program
The Amateur Librarian // CCFA Education Program
The Amateur Librarian // CCFA Education Program
The Amateur Librarian // CCFA Education Program
As always, the visit was too short… but it was nice to hang out with my mama for the weekend. She’s been by my side every step of the way from sickness to health and everywhere in between, and I don’t know how I could do it without her!
 More city sights coming soon as we explore the Nashville area!

One thought on “Nashville City Sights: CCFA Symposium (Again!)

  1. I love your mom! It sounds like a wonderful weekend! We are Sam’s club members and we save a lot during the year. We buy air filters, paper products, and meat.


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