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WIP Wednesday


I worked a bit on the Woodland Creatures cross stitch this weekend, but that’s about it.

Woodland Creatures Cross Stitch

The Amateur Librarian // Woodland Creatures Cross Stitch


The Amateur Librarian // Woodland Creatures Cross Stitch


The Amateur Librarian // Woodland Creatures Cross Stitch

Mostly I’ve been working on a project that’s more on the sidelines. I’m in a bit of a creative slump these days, and I’m not making much. It’s probably because I’ve got moving in the back of my mind and knowing that I’ll be packing everything up in the next month or so has put a damper on starting anything new. But it’s a good time to take stock and get organized, so that’s what I’ve been doing lately.

Magazine Inspriation


The Amateur Librarian // WIP Wednesday


At the Music City MQG meeting last weekend, another member brought a huge stack of quilting magazines that were going to be recycled… so of course we all helped lighten her load by taking some copies off her hands! But when I got home, I realized I had a bit of an issue: magazine overload. Unread magazines were stacked in the kitchen, in the living room, by the sewing machine, and in the bathroom. Once I collected them all in one place, I had a huge stack and realized that I hadn’t actually read any of my magazines all year (I even had issues from LAST October 2014 sitting around!).  Making time to read a magazine just hasn’t happened. Even with Pinterest, I still like to gather inspiration from magazines and keep tear-outs in a couple folders. Every so often I sift through the folders and weed out what no longer sparks interest. And when I’m looking for a new project, I always have a place to start.

So I sat down to go through the stack, one category at a time… I just finished up the food magazines, and now I’m onto the next pile. Here’s a quick rundown of my favorite magazines and how I organize the pages I decide to keep.


I like The Food Network magazine for fun recipes and interesting tidbits about food trends – nothing too serious! My mama also signed me up for Nutrition Action Healthletter, which is a short newsletter packed with great info on the latest health studies.

The Amateur Librarian // WIP Wednesday


I keep a binder with all my recipes in sheet protector pages, which is handy for cooking in the kitchen for three reasons: (1) it’s easy to take out one recipe at a time, (2) no worries if something spills on the plastic, and (3) it keeps together recipes I’ve found from all over the place – torn out of magazines, printed from online, photocopied from a cookbook, handwritten on a piece of notebook paper, etc. Once upon a time I tried to transfer everything onto individual recipes cards… but let’s just say that didn’t last long.

The Amateur Librarian // WIP Wednesday

I have a separate notebook for Holidays –  recipes, decor, crafts, gift ideas, etc. – mostly because I used to plan a lot more parties and had a lot more time on my hands! (You can see more in this post – from 2010!) It’s funny to look back at these pre-Pinterest notebooks. I used to spend a lot of time (some might say wasted time) in my high school, college, and early marriage days putting together scrapbooks and idea books, but it’s a really fun trip down memory lane to flip through the pages that can’t compare to a Pinterest board.


The Amateur Librarian // WIP Wednesday


I used to subscribe to Real Simple, but I started getting Country Living when I was homesick in San Francisco, and I still love it. I’ll probably never live on a farm, but I love the practical/simple style. I also subscribe to Better Homes & Gardens by accident… I think I got a year’s subscription for free with another magazine, but since I don’t have time to read even my favorite magazines anymore, it will be easy to cull from the list when renewal time comes around.

The Amateur Librarian // WIP Wednesday

All my tear-outs go into a slim “inspiration” folder… nothing too fancy or permanent, but fun to leaf through every so often and definitely takes up less space than saving entire magazines.


My favorite quilting magazine is Love Patchwork and Quilting from the UK. The projects are very modern and they have lots of great info about upcoming products.

I have an accordion folder for quilt patterns, but “inspiration” goes into the same folder that I keep home-related tear-outs. Some issues have so many great projects that I can’t resist keeping the whole thing with the rest of my crafting books.

The Amateur Librarian // WIP Wednesday


Obviously, I have a problem.. but when subscription time rolls around again, I’ll be doing some reconsidering. I love magazines, but if I don’t actually read them anymore, then they start to feel pretty wasteful.

And that’s about it!

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