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WIP Wednesday

Another weekly update on my current WIPs. Usually I write about the projects that I’m actively working on, but that’s not entirely accurate. I *try* to finish each project before starting a new one, but I usually have a couple going at the same time, which is never a problem until I get stuck… and getting stuck too many times in a row led to my recent sewing drought. Over the past weekend, I took out ALL my WIPs and a fresh look made me feel a bit better about plowing through or giving up.

So here’s an honest look at my current WIPs:

Fair Isle Quilt

Remember this quilt and the sew-along? It’s been about a year since I participated but I got stuck on the last week and when the holidays got busy it got boxed up.

Such a sad and lonely box in the coat closet:

The Amateur Librarian // Fair Isle Quilt

I have never made a quilt this big before (72 x 77″) on my home machine, so instead of making a quilt top and quilting it the traditional way, I used the QAYG per block method I learned from Crazy Shortcut Quilts, but a couple things happened that got me stuck: (1) I was rushing the quilting to try to stay on time with the sew-along, so the sewing is not great quality and (2) the QAYG technique involves sashing and math, which feels intimidating on a big quilt.

The Amateur Librarian // Fair Isle Quilt

If I had to do it over again, I would make the quilt top as instructed and send it off to a longarmer… now that I know a few from my guild, it doesn’t seem intimidating at all, but last year I just assumed it would be too expensive. It’s too late to back out of the QAYG method, but I think I can salvage this one… maybe in time for Christmas (crossing fingers and toes!).

TL;DR: I got stuck on the quilting part, but I think I can still finish this one.

Scrap Star Mini Quilt

I still intend to hand quilt this mini, but I’ve been concentrating on cross stitch lately when I feel like doing handwork. I should probably move this project to the living room so it’s handy (pun intended) when I’m watching TV. Hopefully I can get this done before we move, but if not… winter is coming.

The Amateur Librarian // Scrap Star Mini Quilt


The Amateur Librarian // Scrap Star Mini Quilt


Michael Miller Challenge

I had a tiny bit of a plan for these fat eighths when I received them, and tried it out at an open-sew guild meeting, but I just wasn’t happy with it.

The Amateur Librarian // Michael Miller Fabric Challenge
The Amateur Librarian // Michael Miller Fabric Challenge

When I pulled it out again over the weekend, it wasn’t quite as bad as I remembered, but it still doesn’t feel inspiring at all.

The Amateur Librarian // WIP Wednesday

I don’t know what to do with it… a pillow, perhaps? Another mini? It probably needs some solid colors – either black or white or silver – but for challenges I really try to use only what we’ve been given. If I’m reading a bad book, I feel no qualms about giving up on it without finishing it, so I’m trying to apply the same principle here. If it’s not working, it’s just not working. I’m pretty sure I’m calling this one a loss, but I haven’t dismantled it yet just in case another idea occurs to me.

And that’s about it! Hopefully this will help me keep going on each one… and permission to call it a loss on the last one.

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